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Up Your Safety and Security With One of Our Car Navigation systems

Car navigation systems are popular in the vehicle industry. They utilise innovative technology to ensure that drivers end up at their desired locations without getting lost. These gadgets are affordable, enhance your safety and security, and make sure that you will never get lost again. They are particularly useful for those embarking on adventures in new places or those who have to drive between different locations for work. They work by using global position system (GPS) technology, and these devices work by reading signals from various satellites to determine the car’s position. With this information, they can then determine the best route. Unlike maps, these devices come with automated voice instructions and offer users easy instructions to follow. These car navigation systems offer an array of benefits, including: Continue reading

Car Navigation Systems

Never Get Lost with A Car Navigation System

 When you get behind the wheel of a car, you must know where you are going. Rewinding the clock to the early 2000s, the car market started to change, offering people important new technology. Although engine control units and various other electronic devices improved to the overall driving experience and helped drivers to drive more efficiently, the idea of adding satellite navigation seemed too far-fetched for regular city cars and compact hatchbacks such as the Ford Fiesta and Volkswagen Golf. Manufacturers such as Garmin and Kenwood started to produce their own takes on satellite navigation systems for cars.

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Cruise Control System Benefits

Cruising Along

Rewinding the clock to the late 1970s, we find that many American cars were already fitted with a device called a cruise control system. People were amazed by the automation of the cruising function, keeping the vehicle at a specific speed without the driver having to engage the accelerator pedal all the time. This system was born out of a necessity for comfort, safety, and convenience. It makes sense that people would prefer to leave the cruising function to a computer and never have to worry about maintaining the speed limit.

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Car Navigation Systems (Dashboard-Based)

Dashboard Navigation Systems

When it comes to accessories for your car, chances are that you own a GPS navigation system that is mounted to the inside of your windscreen to ensure that you can easily see where you need to go. Although these systems are effective, they can become a hassle in certain situations, with some of them using cables instead of Bluetooth to connect to your car, or offering a display that might interfere with your vision from inside the vehicle. This is where dashboard-based car navigation systems can offer a solution to those who want to use a GPS in their vehicles without the hassle of sticking a device to the windscreen or having to fiddle with connecting cables.

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Car Navigation Systems (Windscreen-Based)

A traditional method to find your way on the open road or in an unknown city has always led to have a roadmap of South Africa in your car. Since the early 1980s, global positioning satellite technology has been open to the commercial market, with many military and industrial uses in places around the world . Since the technology has been allocated to serve the commercial market as well, the need for a roadmap has flown out of the window.

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