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This revolutionary, internet-based vehicle monitoring and tracking solution is designed to protect you and your family and not just your vehicle. Skytrax also allows you to personally track your vehicle and your loved ones in real-time by simply going online and comes standard with access to roadside as well as emergency and medical assistance for added peace of mind.

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  • You can personally track you vehicle in real-time via an internet-based monitoring system
  • Global positioning satellite technology enables you to locate your vehicle within 5 meters at any time at no cost to you
  • Advanced warning notification if the vehicle is moved with the ignition off or the unit's power supply is interrupted
  • An assistance button that immediately activates Tracker's reaction service in the event of an emergency
  • Detailed reports on vehicle movement - useful for business mileage claims and tax returns
  • Access to suicide hotline and poison hotline*
  • Courtesy transport and free escorted return of minors*
  • Specified roadside service including limited tow-in services*
  • Hotel accommodation or car rental within specified parameters*
  • Legal assistance services*
  • Approved by major insurers and motor manufacturers
  • 98% network coverage of SA's population
  • A specially developed and maintained network
  • 1300 recovery vehicles and 42 aircraft at our disposal
  • State-of-the-art technology that does not interfere with vehicle electronic systems & onboard electronics
  • System fitted at your home, workplace or local fitment centre
  • The unique Tracker Selftest (Unit Health Check)
  • Transfer of ownership on sale of vehicle
  • No extra charge for recovering your vehicle
  • Twelve month guarantee on hardware
  • Our specialist installation technicians are security cleared
  • GPS pinpoint location every 2-5min
  • Medical emergency, roadside & legal assistance*
  • Internet web access
  • Mileage monitoring & trip information
  • Backup Battery
  • Battery disconnect, tamper notification & voltage sensing
  • Over speed detection & harsh break sensing
  • Assist button for emergency services
  • No-go zone & border alert notification
  • GSM triangulation
  • Advanced warning movement detector

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