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Tyre Safety

Run Flat Tyre Band run on flat system is fast becoming another must have safety feature on one's vehicle. Durable aluminium bands are applied to the well of the tyre rim, locking the tyre in place. This prevents the need to stop next to the road in the case of a puncture or blow out. The band enables the driver to continue driving at a slow speed to a safe location to change the tyre. The band also increases control and allows the driver to maintain steering, braking and cornering control, even during a blowout.

Tyre Safety tyre protection is a high tech tyre sealant product and acts as a preventative meassure. A gel like tyre sealant is injected into the inner lining of the tyre. This substance prevents a flat tyre occuring due to a puncture as it immediately fills the hole before allowing air to escape. Run flat tyre bands is also very useful in extending the lifetime of the tyre by lowering operating temperatures, and better maintaining the air preassure within the tyre. Run flat tyre bands tyre sealant requires only a single application and endures for the entire life of the tyre.

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Safety Tyre Bands

Life Saving Product

More than 6.73 million vehicles travel on South Africa's roads annually. Unfortunately, for many of these journeys... Driving does not mean arriving safely, resulting in an estimated loss of R13.8 billion to the South African Economy and, even more importantly in the tragic loss of thousands of lives. A significant number of the accidents are a direct result or tyre failure. And, on average, drivers will experience at least 1 puncture every 18 months and approximately 1 to 2 blow-outs in a life time.

Run-Flat Technology

A blow-out occurs when sudden deflation renders the tyre pressure insufficient to hold the tyre in position. Generally, the tyre bead moves into the well of the rim causing the rim to make contact with the road surface, which could result in a catastrophe.

Irrespective of one's driving skills, blow out's can be fatal; and with little or no steering control the lives or passengers, fellow road users and one's own could be at risk.

Protectall Tyre Brands support deflated tyres, preventing them from slipping off the rims and therefore significantly increases steering, breaking and cornering control in dangerous situations.