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Rigidek Aluminium Covers

Rigidek units are ideal for you truck and seamlessly integrates with your other accessories such as Styling Bars - just provide Rigidek with the relevant information and your unit is built to match.

Part of the Rigidek system for automotive use incorporates a variety of Laser Cut, 304 Grade Stainless Steel Parts such as hinges, locks, bolts and nuts - courtesy of ZEA Metal, New Zealand.

Rigidek Covers are available for a wide variety of makes and models, see below examples of Bakkies using the Rigidek System:


  • Advanced CAD Design complements the design of the vehicle.
  • Advanced materials makes the Rigidek the lightest and strongest cover available globally.
  • Remote or manual opening Rigideks have no visible exterior locking mechanisms - thus tamper proof.
  • The units immediately auto lock when closed.
  • All units can be removed (once opened) and refitted in less than a minute.
  • Compatible with the Flipt System to keep your valuables in place, and to extend your load bin.
  • Compatible with bicycle racks or roof racks to add to the versatility of your truck.
  • The patented auto-locking system makes life easier, simply lock the unit by closing it.
  • Your Rigidek is a weather proof zone with the double lock mechanism.
  • The installation process involves fitting utility rails to the load bin - quick and simple.
  • At just 20kg the Rigidek is the lightest full featured aluminium cover in the world.
  • The Rigidek has gas springs incorporated into the unit to assist opening.
  • "Full bolt-on" installation process means no extra holes drilled into your vehicle.
  • Easy-down mechanisms for your tailgate.
  • Rollbar friendly.

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