Rider Door Protection Moldings

RIDER Automotive Components is the proud agent and sole distributor for RIDER products in South Africa. RIDER is a European Company, all products are made in Poland to exact EU Standards

RIDER is an official supplier for the following brands in Europe:

  • FIAT Auto Ltd.
  • SEAT Iberia Motor Company
  • SUZUKI Motor
  • TOYOTA Motor Co
  • HYUNDAI Motor
  • VAG Group
  • MOBIS and many more
  • Smash and Grab

    What we offer

    RIDER specializes in the design and supply of various protective body mouldings and beadings to the automotive industry, from auto manufacturers, new and used car dealerships, accessory suppliers and car owners.

    In South Africa, our main focus is the supply of door and bumper corner protectors

    What does our product do?

    The primary purpose is protection. Designed to be effective against panel damage, such as dents, scratches and paint chips. Perfect for limited space conditions, such as parking lots and garages. Enhances the aesthetics of many vehicles

    How can we help you?

    Additional revenue stream for dealerships. Quick and easy installation ensures no delays in delivering vehicle to customer Our product is affordable and easy to sell and can be added into finance deals Our product can be sold to existing customers in your database that don’t have it fitted yet All our products are available through your parts department via PDC (Parts Distribution Centre) ensuring easy ordering and fast delivery

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