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Rhino Linings Rubberising

Rhino Linings Rubberising offers permanent protection against impact, corrosive and abrasive damage. The spray-on polyurethane lining forms an air- and watertight bond to the surface, providing effective protection against the damaging effects of water, fertiliser, acids, fuels and other chemicals.

Features of Rhino Linings Rubberising:

  • Specialized for application on Bakkies.
  • Rhino Linings Rubberising can be done in any colour. The lining can either be done in a base colur, or can be coated with a tough Polyurethane UV Stable paint.
  • Old Linings can be refurbished.
  • Polyurea linings for large truck beds/trailers that are approximately 4x stronger than conventional bakkie linings and lasts longer than any other kind of rubberized application available.

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