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MX3 Ultimate Security, with personal safety and value-added services

This vehicle tracking service package is the flagship package within the vehicle tracking industry. This package not only includes all the features of the MX1 and MX2, but also offers additional value-added and personal safety services taht go beyond traditional vehicle tracking offerings and assist with unavoidable vehicle realities.

For this, the MX3 offers Roadside Assist (providing numerous benefits above and beyond towing), Crash Alert (sensors will activate upon a large impact, alerting Matrix to send assistance), Service Notifications (prevents negative impacts on your warranty) and Auto Logbook (no more manual logbooks required).

If a complete lifestyle solution for all your vehicle responsibilities is what you want, then the MX3 Ultimate Security, with Personal Safety and Value-Added Services is what you need.

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  • Insurance Approved - You may receive discounts on your vehicle's monthly premium from most insurers.
  • National Network Coverage - We can track your vehicle anywhere in South Africa.
  • 24/7 National Operations Centre - 24/7 access to our National Operations Centre.
  • Own Dedicated Recovery Teams - 24/7 access to professional, privately contracted recovery agents.
  • Free Recovery - Free recovery with no hidden costs.
  • Confidence Checks - Test your unit anytime, for peace-of-mind assurance.
  • FastTrac - We can locate the proximity of your vehicle in under 30 seconds.
  • X-Ray Vision - Garages, cargo containers and covered areas: we locate vehicles in the hardest places!
  • Self-Powered Back-Up Battery - Your Matrix device is kept active, even if your vehicle's battery is disconnected, stolen or runs flat.
  • Auto-Test - We test your unit's functionality at regular intervals.
  • Battery Tamper Alarm - Proactive alarm that alerts us when someone is tampering with your vehicle's battery.
  • Internet Tracking - View your vehicle's current and past trips with complete replays of past travels too.
  • GPS "PinPoint" Positioning - Accurate positioning means we can retrieve your vehicle in the quickest possible time.
  • Early Warning - Upon unauthorised movement of your vehicle, both you and Matrix will be alerted of the violation.
  • Panic Button Remote Control (Standard MX3;Optional MX2) - A silent distress signal will notify us that you need help.
  • Smartphone Tracking - Track your vehicle anytime, anywhere in real-time.
  • Crash Alert - Impact sensors alert us when your vehicle is involved in a serious accident. From then on, help is on its way.
  • Roadside Assist - Broken down? Flat tyre? Run out of fuel? We will send the right kind of help to your GPS co-ordinates.
  • NoGo-Zones - Some areas are less safe than others. Should you enter such an area, we will alert you.
  • Auto Logbook - Track your vehicle's private/business related trips with a simple, paperless and automated process. No more manual paperwork required.
  • Service Notification - Receive a notification when your vehicle is in need of its next service. One less thing for you to remember.

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