Wireless Phone Charger

In-Vehicle Wireless Phone Charger

Power your device on the road without the need of messy cables inside your vehicle with in-vehicle wireless charger. This hide-away wireless charger can be installed into any vehicle and has a factory fitted look. The in-vehicle wireless charger is a fast wireless charger and will charge most smart phones that have a wireless charging function, regardless of size or shape.

The in-vehicle wireless charger can be fitted behind any flat plastic surface that is big enough for your phone and not thicker than 3mm. E.G center armrest, oddment tray in front of gear lever. As long there is a flat surface large enough to fit your phone.

Easy to Install

In-Vehicle Wireless Phone Charger

Fitment of the wireless charger is quick and easy. Fitment can be done either in-house or by your local fitment center. The in-house wireless charger is supplied with an inline fuse and 750mm wiring harness to suit most applications. Just connect the black negative wire to the chassis and the red wire to a 121V+ ignition point. Glue the device securely…place your mobile device on the flat surface…and you’re ready to go!

Electronic Fitment Centre is a leading supplier and installer of In-Vehicle Wireless Phone Charger. We are situated in Pretoria and our team is ready to help you fit the best Wireless Phone Charger for your car.


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