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As crime becomes more and more sophisticated, so must the ways of foiling it. Anyone who has invested heavily in a vehicle asset needs to protect that investment, of course, but to protect it far further than the range of choices which criminals have available to them. There is no point in being the weak link in the crime chain.

The advanced Brain

Intelligence is a matter of thinking and Sanji do this exceptionally well - thinking of the best car protection system for each situation out-thinking criminals. In the area of hi-tech security you can always leave the thinking to Sanji.

Before you even get into your car, you are warned of any violation to you vehicle a series of coded beeps on the siren. At any time you can go to you local Sanji-approved fitment centre and have the memory read out and, wit their help, take the appropriate action required.


Everyday countless cars are hijacked. The ZX series anti-hijack facility immobilizes your vehicle if it is forcibly taken from you. The siren immediately sounds a warning and indicators flash. Informing the hijacker that the car will immobilize after 90 seconds.

This system even gives you personal safety and protection outside you car. If you are attacked, your transmitter becomes a panic button.

This system even gives you personal safety and protection outside your car. If you are attacked your transmitter becomes a panic button.

The Nicky Siren

This little water-proof device is really tiny and so easy to conceal in the crammed engine compartments of today's vehicles. But it also makes a huge noise - to create enough attention to scare the attachers away. We know that dynamite comes in small packages but you have to hear the Nicky siren for yourself.

Comfort Control

Wouldn't it be nice to be able to open your boot, close your window, to unlock the driver's door, selectively and separately from the passenger doors or to be able to program user features - all from your remote?

Secure Sensing

Aren't we tired of hearing vehicle alarms blaring for no apparent reason? They are extremely irritating and they intensify our noise pollution but, far worse when the day comes that you need to be alerted, you probably wouldn't take an alarm like that seriously.

So that's why we developed the super miniature ES250 ultrasonic sensor. The sensor works like an internal radar system, continuously sending and receiving information about your vehicle's interior. After careful analysis of the received data, the ES250 makes a decision to activate the alarm or reject the data in the case of common air disturbance

Personal User Pin-Code

Under normal circumstances, you would de-activate this system by activating the remote control. However, if the battery in the remote should ever go flat, you can enter your 5-digit pin-code via a sequence on the ignition switch, in order to override the system temporarily. This process will allow you to drive the vehicle and avoid a very embarrassing situation.

The design development of auto-alarms and immobilisers has always been the area where Sanji have led the way into the future. We have every intention and commitment to keeping it that way.

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