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Autowatch 448

The 448 system is a 3 circuit touchkey immobiliser with anti-hijack that makes use of a new illuminated touchkey receptacle. The system uses encrypted rolling code technology and up to 8 touchkeys can be programmed into the system. The unit installed is designed to immobilise the vehicle in a hijack situation as well activating once the vehicles door /s have been opened or there is a change in ignition status.

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  • Two rolling code encrypted touch keys
  • Additional touch keys can be programmed ub yo ti a maximum of 8
  • The system's memory can be erased to allow selective re-storing of touch keys
  • A unique 5 digit pin code is set to over-ride the system in the event of an emergency
  • All connections are made using black wires of the same thickness with removable identifying lables, making it impossible to know which wires is for what after the installation is complete, thus making the unit a thief's nightmare to bypass.
  • The immobiliser re-arms 40 seconds after the ignition of the car is turned off.
  • There is a tracking output whenever the horn is activated
  • The unit has a anti hotwire feature that will set off the horn if tampered with
  • Three onboard immobiliser relays
  • Anti tampering housing
  • If triggered the system will cause the indicators and parking lights to star flashing

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