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Autowatch 446 Remote Alarm Sonics Immobiliser

WIth Zero reported vehicle thefts with Autowatch security systems protecting more than 25,000 vehicles. Sonic sensor creates an invisible beam that prevents false alarms from accuring and cannot be bypassed by thieves trying to break into you vehicle.

A confidential override code makes sure that you are alway able to start your car even if the key transmitter is lost or stolen. Programmable up to five driver key transmitters and a three-year, unlimited mileage manufacturer's warranty.

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  • Invisible shield protects the interior of your vehicle
  • Without the transmitter on your keyring your vehicle will not start.
  • The sonic sensor prevents any false alarms and cannot be bypassed
  • Confidential override code always ensures that you are able to start your car, even if your key is stolen or lost
  • Self arming immobilizer after 30 seconds
  • LED Signaling display
  • Up to 5 programmable key transmitters
  • Panic button available when in an emergency
  • Same size wiring prevents thieves detecting the system
  • Valuable contents of your car are safe
  • If your key or transmitter is stolen you can always override the system with a confidential override code
  • Hard to detect
  • Multiple drivers can drive the car
  • Autowatch meets the highest international standards
  • Three year manufactures warranty

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