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Alarms & Immobilisers

Autowatch 446 Remote Alarm Immobiliser Linked to Existing C/L

This addition to the range of the smallest units in the world offering you all the features you could possibly find in one button without compromising security and ideal for most insurance requirements. Standard with battery backup siren & shock sensor. Other items may be required.

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  • Early warning
  • Remote controlled illumination when disarming for personal safety and to assist in locating your vehicle & selective unlocking
  • Lock and unlock with ignition window closure
  • Remote panic
  • Movement sensor isolation PIN override
  • Two remotes supplied
  • Programmable silent arm/disarm
  • Early warning
  • Auto-arming three circuit immobilisation
  • Eight remotes can be programmed in or deleted
  • Two remotes supplied
  • digital battery backup siren supplied
  • 2 stage shock sensor supplied
  • Ignition hotwire
  • Anti-theft / carpet switch & visual and audible on/off indication
  • Variety of movement sensors available
  • Rapid test mode for installers
  • Alarm trigger report back

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