Park Distance Controler

Alarms & Immobilisers

Autowatch 211

Controlled by a microprocessor offers effective protection for the ever increasing problem that we face in our world today with vehicle highjacking.


The moment the ignition is turned on it activates.

Once the doors of the vehicle are closed and the engine is switched on a hidden cancellation button would need to be pressed. If this is not done there will be a series of audible warnings and if the buttons is still not pressed, the immobilizer will slow the vehicle down before cutting off the car. The warning sounds will still continue to sound with the horn and lights flashing of the indicators warning those around at what has taken place.

Pressing the hijack cancel button will silence the system. The time between the initiation of the system to the slowing down of the vehicle can be programmed in from 1 to 3 minutes. It is also possible to delay the timer for the immobilizer.

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