Headlights & Paint Protection

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A resilient, transparent film is applied to the headlights and fog lights of the vehicle providing maximum protection, without the ugly appearance of plastic covers. The lights are strengthened and become less prone to chipping, schratches and pitting making sure the car remains in a roadworthy condition. Once professionally applied, the film is virtually unnoticable and will not crease or discolour.This solution maintains the streamlined appearance of modern vehicles and can easily be removed leaving headlights looking as good as new.

As with headlights, a vehicles bonnet is also very prone to stone chips and industrial fallout leaving the car looking aged and unkept. The same film can also be applied as a bonnet strip, and acts as an impact absorbent barrier, decreasing indents and chipping. The film is also UV resistant and will leave the vehicle's paint as bright and glossy as

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  • Slows down the risk of "Smash & Grab"
  • Keeps the preying eye out of your vehicle
  • It optimizes the airbag function and reduces the risk of passenger expulsion in side impact accidents
  • Help protect you and your loved ones from flying glass in the event of an accident
  • Blocks up to 99% UV rays of the sun, to protect you and your passengers from harmful cancer
  • Prevents fading of your vehicles upholstery and carpets
  • Reduces solar energy by 43%
  • Keeps the interior of your vehicle cooler
  • Helps reducing the unwanted heat and glare
  • Slows down the demand on your air-conditioning unit and saving you money in the long run

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