Data Dot

Data Dot System

Park Distance Controler

I'm a tiny little dot, etched with a unique indetification number. 10 000 of me go into and onto your vehicle in at least 88 different positions contaminating the vehicle and it's components making them useless to both thieves and chop-shops. While I may be easy to find, I'm also impossible to completly remove. I work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year without maintenance and without power improving your vehicles recovery.

Each DataDot is the size of a grain of sand and is laser-etched with a unique identifying code. Hundreds of the tiny dots are sprayed onto the protected asset with an ultraviolet adhesive. Although nearly invisible to the naked eye, they can be found easily by using a simple ultraviolet blacklight.

The DataDot database is accessible by Law Enforcement agencies 24 hours a day, allowing instant identification.


As a result of statistical evidence, DataDot South Africa is in a position to guarentee its product

From When?

The DataDot Protection Guarantee has been introduced on particular vehicles fitted from the 1st of March 2009

Qualifying Conditions

  • The vehicles must be fitted with DataDots by a DataDot Accredited fitment centre
  • The DataDot Guarantee needs to be renewed annally
  • Applies to vehicle fitted with DataDot in the Aftermarket
  • The vehicle must have current theft cover through a registered Insurance Company in South Africa
  • Benefits
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  • Improves personal safety and security since it makes you vehicles less desirable to thieves
  • Affordable
  • Microdot technology is "Supported by the SAPS and Business against Crime"
  • A national database makes your vehicle easy to identify and recover if stolen
  • Discounted insurance premiums (some insurers)
  • Assist with prosecution and conviction of car thieves
  • Helps discourage the distribution and purchase of stolen vehicles and their parts since they are contaminated with DataDots
  • VCSC (Vehicle Crime Steering Commitee)
  • BAC (Business Against Crime)
  • SAIA (South African Insurance Association)
  • NDot (National Department of Transport)
  • SAPS (South African Police Services)
  • NPA (National Prosecuting Autority)
  • AA (Automobile Association)
  • Banking Council
  • SARS (Customs & Excise)
  • NAAMSA (National Association of Automobile Manufacturers of South Africa)
  • SAVRALA (South African Vehicle Rental & Leasing Association)

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