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Crystal Fusion Protection

Crystal Fusion™ is the clear choice for windscreen protection. Crystal Fusion™ technology molecularly fuses with glass to form a hydrophobic barrier. It enhances visibility in bad weather conditions and provides extended windscreen protection. Water beads up and rolls away and damage from small road debris is greatly reduced.

Untreated windshield glass is not smooth. When viewed microscopically, you can actually see peaks and valleys. These peaks and valleys create a surface similar to sand paper. this jagged edge surface connects better with flying road debris which then imparts more force to the glass and causes pitting, chipping and cracking.

Crystal Fusion™ does not contain wax-based chemicals which lead to yellowing, streaking and uneven windshield wiper blade wear.

Crystal Fusion™ Solutions:

Crystal Fusion™ Ceramic Coating

A hydro-phobic barrier that has been engineered to protect painted surfaces of a vehicle. Specifically formulated to provide protection against contaminants and prohibit them from attaching to the surface.

Crystal Fusion™ Superior Waterless Car Wash

The Crystal Fusion™ Superior Waterless Car Wash does not require a buckets of soapy water and does not require you to waste clean, drinkable water. It's an environmentally friendly solution that will save you on your water bill and car expensive cleaning products.

Crystal Fusion™: Windscreen Coating

Crystal Fusion™ adds an enhanced layer to your windscreen that reduces night glare and increases visibility in the rain. This superior windscreen application molecularly fuses with glass to form a hydrophobic barrier.

Crystal Fusion™: Graphene Coating

An Extreme gloss that is ultra hydrophobic.This formulation chemically bonds with your vehicles' paint and provides an extra of protection. Due to its molecular structure, it will demonstrate an improved contact angle, gloss, scratch resistance, UV resistance and a reduction in water spotting.

The advantages of Crystal Fusion technology are perfectly clear

  • Improved Clarity and Visibility
  • Significantly Reduced Night Glare
  • Insects are Easily Washed Away
  • Protects Against Corrosion & Mineral Buildup
  • Crystal Fusion™ is best in class for protective coatings for the automotive industry. They provide unique environmentally friendly products that have been innovating protective coatings in the automotive industry since.

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    • Extends driver reaction time by one full second giving almost 100 extra feet to avoid danger.
    • Windshields tested to be up to 10X more resistant to damage road debris.
    • Makes driving safer during rain, snow and difficult nighttime conditions.
    • UV resistanr, will not blister or peel like other coatings.
    • Reduces night-time glare by 35%
    • Easier to clean, allowing insects and bir droppings to be easily washed away.
    • Windshields tested to be 10X more resistant to damage.

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