We Fit Anti-Smash-and-Grab Window-Protection Film

Smash-and-grab incidents are, sadly, far too common in South Africa and they tend to happen when you least expect them. Opportunistic bandits and thieves are always on the lookout for motorists that don’t pay attention to their surroundings or are busy on their phones. So, the most important thing is that, if you stay vigilant, many of these types of incidents can be avoided. However, sometimes you are stuck in traffic and cannot drive away immediately or another unfortunate combination of circumstances means that you fall victim to a smash-and-grab crime. So, you’d better come prepared.

SunTek Anti-Smash-and-Grab Window Film

The SunTek product has been designed to offer you an additional layer of protection to delay a smash-and-grab thief gaining access to your car while you get away. Untreated, your side windows will simply shatter into a thousand small pieces upon impact and leave you wide open and unprotected. With SunTek anti-smash-and-grab film fitted, the film acts as a laminate that holds the glass together and in one piece, just like the laminate layer sandwiched in your windscreen does. The SunTek film is made in the USA and is extremely tough.

With the window staying in one piece, this slows the thief down considerably and many of them simply run away when faced with this additional time-wasting obstruction. Even a determined thief would have to hack away at the window to create a hole big enough to get through, buying you valuable extra time to draw attention to the situation and get away from the scene with your life and your valuables. Two thicknesses are available – 100 and 150 micron – and the film can be installed in a matter of a few hours.

Window Tinting

And that’s not all the good news. The SunTek anti-smash-and-grab window film is at the same time window tinting, so you can kill two birds with one stone. If you don’t want tinting, just have the normal clear film fitted. However, you have a choice of 35% and 50% tints, so you can have your protective barrier installed and your windows tinted all in one go and for the same competitive price. And so confident are we of the quality of this excellent product that you get a 7-year nationwide guarantee on it.

Don’t take chances with your safety. Contact Electronic Fitment Centre today and have SunTek anti-smash-and-grab window film installed. Have a look at the huge range of other aftermarket products we offer as well, from bakkie security covers and alarm systems to Bluetooth car kits and air-conditioners.