We Can Install an Unobtrusive Wireless Phone Charger in Your Car

The field of motoring that has arguably advanced the most in modern cars is in-car electronics. A car as little as five years old is suddenly dated in terms of user electronics when it is compared to the modern marvels that are now available, completely decked out with niceties such as a full-colour touch screen, navigation, Bluetooth connectivity, and a wireless phone charger. What can you do to cash in on all this great new technology, short of trading in your car for one that has it all? Read on!

Wireless Phone Charger? No Problem!

Let’s take the wireless phone charger as an example. Even on the latest cars, this is still quite a rarity. It is a shame because so many modern smartphones have this charging technology built in and it is certainly very convenient to simply place your phone on a pad and it starts charging without having to plug it in. Luckily, in what must be an envy-inducing move of one-upmanship, you can now have a wireless phone charger installed in your car as well, no matter how old it is. We install it professionally and unobtrusively, with all its cables hidden away. All you need is a suitable flat, plastic surface where you can place your phone, such as a centre armrest or the oddments tray in front of your gear lever. The charging pad is installed behind the plastic and, as long as the panel is no thicker than 3 mm, your phone can charge right through the plastic.

And that’s not all because, besides a wireless phone charger, we offer a huge range of other in-car technology, such as Bluetooth car kits, DVD entertainment systems, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto installations, and satellite-navigation systems (either windscreen- or double-DIN-mounted). With other safety features available, such as park-distance control, anti-smash-and-grab window tinting, gear locks, and tracking and recovery systems, you can bring any old car bang up to date with the latest technology. Don’t trade in, just accessorise. You can fit everything you need to your existing car. There has never been a better time for aftermarket in-car electronics than now.

Talking of accessories, there is a lot more than that available. We can install air-conditioning in your car too, or cover your bakkie’s load bin with aluminium roll-top covers or rigid lift-up lids. Have the load box fitted with a bin liner while you’re at it and add door-protection mouldings and a spare-wheel lock too. The sky is the limit for your accessorising dreams, so contact Electronic Fitment Centre today.