Upgrades to Car Sound Systems at EFC

We all like to turn up the volume from time to time and enjoy our favourite tunes on the way to work or on the open road en route to that far-flung holiday destination. More’s the pity, then, that many vehicle’s standard audio setups leave much to be desired with tinny sound quality, poor bass response, and a lack of in-built quality to produce the clarity of sound you crave at both low and high volumes. Not to worry, because EFC can help you out with upgrades to existing car sound systems to really get that beat going in a big way. We only use the best-quality after-market equipment for our upgrades.

Normal Upgrade Bundle

Our normal upgrade bundle is a cost-effective installation that can be applied to the majority of existing sound systems. Enquire with us whether your head unit is compatible with the changes. In this package, you get two Kicker CS Series coaxial speakers. These can make even mundane car sounds systems sound great because Kicker’s CS Series is famous for producing incredibly clean bass performance thanks to their heavy-duty magnet/motor combination with proprietary Extended Voice Coil (EVC™) technology found in no normal run-of-the-mill speaker. This upgrade comes bundled with the Kicker Key Smart Amplifier which packs a big wallop in a small package with an amplifier and audio processor integrated into one compact unit. For the last word in bass response: the Kicker Hideaway® subwoofer that produces staggering bass considering its size.

Premium Upgrade Bundle

Transform ordinary car sound systems with our Premium bundle. Once again featuring are Kicker’s superb coaxial and component speakers and the very same Kicker Hideaway® subwoofer. However, the amplifier is now the Kicker CXA300.4, a 4×75 W 4-channel, full-range amplifier specifically designed to power all your door speakers. The KickEQ™ feature provides variable bass-boost control, offering as much as 12 dB extra. Standard with this amplifier comes a potent 12-dB crossover. Power four channels at 75 W each or bridge it for two 150 W channels – it’s up to you! This upgrade comes complete with a CK8 wiring kit and Dr Artex sound-deadening kit.

Never suffer the Sound of Silence again – unless it is Simon and Garfunkel’s. We offer upgrades to car sound systems that will give you maximum bang for your buck and an immersive audio experience that will transform any trip you take – and make it something to look forward to. Enquire at Electronic Fitment Centre today to find out what is possible with your existing head unit.