Top-Quality Bullbars and Nudgebars from EFC

Whereas towbars have a specific purpose and are used to connect trailers, caravans, bicycle racks and the like to cars, SUVs, and bakkies, bullbars are not necessarily fitted with a single-minded purpose in mind. Bullbars are often regarded as a cosmetic addition to a bakkie or SUV, shoring up the vehicle’s butch appearance and being designed to be stylish and immediately noticeable. Some types are, therefore, not made to be strong but just attractive. They offer little by way of protection except, perhaps, shielding the vehicle from the odd errant tree branch.

Various accessories are found under the “bullbars” heading, but some of these are, in fact, nudgebars. Nudgebars are usually smaller and only cover the centre portion of the bumper, not extending to the sides of the vehicle. These are often found as standard on many off-road vehicles and they usually have a cosmetic function and not a structural one. To this end, they are usually made of shiny stainless-steel tubing that catches the eye.

It is important that bullbars be designed to fit your vehicle precisely, with the correct clearances and proper mounting points, so they don’t rattle and move about while driving and touch the bumper, lights, or bodywork, scuffing and/or damaging the vehicle in the process. Even more importantly, these accessories should be designed to work with your vehicle’s structure in an accident and not impede the functioning of the vehicle’s crumple zones or airbags. All the top brands usually conform to this standard.

This last consideration is even more important in the case of bullbars that are not merely cosmetic, but functional, like the ones that are very robustly built and securely fitted and are, as a consequence, strong enough to serve as a mounting point for a winch. It stands to reason that this type will be of far stronger construction and also heavier than its purely cosmetic counterpart because one has to be able to tow an entire vehicle by it.

If you are on the lookout for accessories for your vehicle, whether these are nudge-, roll-, or bullbars, side or rear steps, or even towbars, Electronic Fitment Centre is here to help. We provide far more than this, even including load box covers, Bluetooth car kits, sound-system upgrades, GPS and multimedia systems, cruise control, central locking, anti-smash-and-grab window-protection film, gear locks, paint protection, and park-distance control. In fact, there is hardly an accessory we don’t have. Contact us to find out more today.