The Benefits of Rhino Bakkie Linings

When using a pick-up truck daily as a workhorse, it is important to protect the loading area from dents and scrapes. Heavy objects can damage the surface of the loading area and make the vehicle look run-down and tatty in a very short time. By adding a lining to the loading bay, you can protect its surface from the damage caused by heaving many heavy loads onto it. At Electronic Fitment Centre, we can apply Rhino linings to vehicles’ load bins to prevent any chance of damage to the paintwork.

We can bring out the very best in your car. Our products are designed to enhance your vehicle to suit your requirements and personal style. If you need anti-smash-and-grab protection, a sound-system upgrade, or a lining for your bakkie, we can be of assistance. Rhino Linings delivers a tough product to protect the loading bin of your bakkie, as well as the loading beds of trucks and the interior areas of panel vans and trailers. Today, we will have a look at how this product can protect your vehicle.

Rubberised Loading Area Linings

Rhino Linings has so far installed their product on more than 12 000 bakkies in South Africa Their specialised lining is not just available for bakkies, but for other types of work vehicles as well, so you can have the peace of mind that their rubberised solution will work for you, whatever work you do with your vehicle. They offer their linings in various colours to suit your preference and the colour of your vehicle. By using a UV-stabilised, polyurethane paint, they can produce it in various colours to blend in better with the colour of the vehicle.

We strive to offer a sensible selection of products for your car. Many people use their bakkies to work hard, which can lead to accelerated wear and damage to the load bin. By having Rhino Linings’ product applied to your bakkie, you can load and unload it without having to worry about scratches and dings. The rubber creates a seal between the lining and the vehicle’s paintwork, so moisture cannot penetrate it. If you need a rubberised bak lining for your bakkie, we can be of service.

Electronic Fitment Centre brings you a sensible selection of products and upgrades to add to your vehicle. Rhino Linings has a quality product to protect loading areas from damage that can reduce the value of your vehicle. For more information on this product, feel free to contact us directly. Bring out the best in your bakkie.