The Basic Function of A Towbar

Towbars are used to give a car the ability to hook and tow something like a trailer or caravan, as well as for attaching other devices, such as a bicycle rack. They are usually found under the long list of optional extras when buying a new vehicle. So, whether you are buying a new or used car, or you already own a car that does not have one installed, Electronic Fitment Centre can be of service. Our prices are competitive and you can be off towing all manner of things in no time at all.

There is virtually not a single passenger car sold in South Africa that is offered as standard with a towbar and it is only now becoming more commonplace as a standard fitment on bakkies and SUVs. Prices on these products can vary quite a lot, dependent on their design and functionality. Our product is simple, easy to install and use, and surprisingly affordable. Today, we will talk about the benefits and basic functionality of these relatively unobtrusive but safety-critical accessories.

Strength and Structure

Towbars are critical safety equipment and they must be manufactured in accordance with all the relevant safety regulations and legislation. They should be of the best quality and rated to tow any weight that the relevant tow vehicle is legally certified to tow. Furthermore, a towbar should be covered by a customer-satisfaction guarantee to operate as designed and intended for years on end. Towing is always a dangerous business, demanding all their concentration and a lot of forethought from the driver. The last thing you can afford is a towbar on which you cannot depend to pull its weight, so to speak.

It is also of critical importance that the supplier of your towbar should only deal in the best quality products on the market and that installation will be done to the highest safety standards. A towbar should always be securely bolted to a vehicle’s frame or chassis, yet there are some unscrupulous installers out there that fit towbars to cars that are not legally certified to tow. What is worse is that thee towbars are sometimes bolted to insufficiently strong anchorages like the vehicle body or spare-wheel well.

Electronic Fitment Centre offers a plethora of products and upgrades for your vehicle and we take particular pride in our safe and solid towbars – installed professionally. Our towbars can add extra functionality to your vehicle at an eminently fair price. For more information on how we can enhance your vehicle, please browse our website for details on every product.