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Window Tinting or Anti-Smash and Grab in Pretoria

Why it makes Sense to Invest in Anti-Smash and Grab in Pretoria

South Africa is a beautiful and vibrant country, with magnificent nature and many different cultures. However, one should not be blinded to its faults, either. Worrying crime statistics just shows how important it is to stay safe on the roads and in general. You need all the help you can get to protect your family and your possessions while driving, when you take the levels of vehicle related crimes into account.

Investing in window tinting and anti-smash and grab products in Pretoria is truly an investment that will keep on giving back day after day. When looking into these products for your vehicles you will soon learn that there are many varieties of security tint available. However, many are four, seven or nine millimetres thick. These forms of window tints are clear, high-tensile polyester tint which features a pressure sensitive adhesive coating which is applied to one side of it.

When you strengthen your vehicle’s windows with this sturdy polymer tint, a strong adhesive bond to the glass will help to keep the glass together at a high impact. The glass won’t shatter upon accidental or forceful breakage. This will drastically reduce the chance that the window can be shattered by a smash and grab criminal. It will also give you the chance to respond to such an attack since the criminal will be caught unawares by the strengthened glass, giving you the element of surprise.

Aside from the obvious security benefits that anti-smash and grab offers you and the vehicle’s other occupants, there are also other health benefits associated with window tinting in Pretoria. Every Pretoria resident knows that the summer heat can be absolutely sweltering and merciless. When investing in window tinting, as much as 50% of the outside heat and u to 99% of the damaging UV rays known for causing skin cancer will be rejected and kept out of the vehicle. During the hot December and February months in Pretoria, you know that you need every bit of help keeping cool in your vehicle.

With this increased cooling that comes from window tinting, you will also save petrol in turn. This is due to the windows keeping the car cooler, which means that your air conditioning will have to work less hard in order to keep the car cooled. You will also avoid heat loss during the winter months. Many people are turning to window tinting to effectively reduce their petrol bills.

Yet another fantastic benefit of anti-smash and grab films that are applied to the windows will also help to prevent the windows from coming apart in a collision. While auto glass in general is rather resistant to breaking, as it tends to rather shatter instead of scatter, the window tinting can provide even more defence against windows shattering. These are only a few of the many benefits you will receive when you invest in window tinting and anti-smash and grab in Pretoria has to offer.

We are one of the leading suppliers of anti-smash and grab and window tinting products in Pretoria. Our fitment centre is an approved Suntek fitment centre specialising in the building and automotive film referred to as Smash and Grab protection. Our quality and affordable products will keep you safe and comfortable on the road. We also specialise in the installation of vehicle tracking and recovery systems such as the Matrix Beamie and the Tracker Retrieve systems.

If you are looking for affordable window tinting and anti-smash and grab products and services in Pretoria then look no further than Electronic Fitment Centre.

Compare Window Tinting Prices and Quotes

Window tinting offered by Electronic Fitment Centre on your vehicle is not just a cosmetic change to give your car a facelift. People are now using it as an additional form of protection, as it creates an additional barrier on all the glass surfaces of the vehicle. Safety film has become a necessity in a lot of places, especially where you encounter high counts of smash and grab crimes.


It is far too easy for a thief to simply walk up to a car window, smash it open and take whatever is inside the vehicle. When you have your windows tinted, it actually protects the glass by covering it with a hard-to-break plastic film that keeps all the glass intact even when it has been smashed by a rock or piece of metal. Unfortunately, it can’t stop an intruder completely, but it can make life very difficult for them and in some cases it may even deter them altogether.


Why You Have It Installed On Your Vehicle


Installing the protective film has several useful benefits for your vehicle and that excludes the fact that it adds to the overall vehicle security. Protective film has been proven to reduce heat to the interior of the vehicle, completely cut out harmful UV rays that can cause skin cancer and it even helps reduce the wear-and-tear of the vehicle’s interior. The darker shaded covering also deters prying eyes because it is difficult to see into the vehicle from the outside.


In the event of an accident and the glass gets broken, it will keep all the glass together so that you can’t get hurt by flying pieces of glass. You also have far less glare coming through the vehicle so you can see the roads clearly while you are driving. Most importantly, it deters thieves from trying to break into your car whenever you leave it parked out in the open.


Take a Look at Window Tinting Prices and Quotes


You may find the cost of installing safety film on your windows is fairly high so it is important to compare window tinting prices and quotes to ensure that you get the best rate. A certified installer will ensure that you get the correct window tinting put in place, without it peeling off unnecessarily and without going past the legal limit of 35% when it comes to the darkness of the tint.


Be careful to check the safety film once it is done and make sure there are no surface bubbles between the glass and the film. Once you are happy with the work, you can drive off in confidence knowing that your car has added protection for your peace of mind.