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How Window Reinforcement Helps to Avoid Car Theft

window tintingIt has to be said that South Africa’s criminals have always been very quick to adapt to advances in security measures. Frustrated in their attempts to steal from parked vehicles due to more efficient alarm systems and to purloin those on the move following the introduction of ante-hijacking technology, smash and grab appears to have become the most viable alternative. How best to avoid the theft of valuables from a car when it is immobilised by a red robot or trapped in dense traffic has now become the latest concern of the beleaguered motorist.

In practice one of the best precautions that can be implemented by without spending a small fortune on armour plating and bullet proofing is to compromise by applying some means to delay an attempted intrusion long enough to enable the driver of a targeted vehicle to resort to some form of evasive action.

Normal windscreen glass is prone to shatter when struck with a heavy object, the usual tactic of the smash and grab artist, but even a relatively small stone thrown up by an overtaking vehicle can have the same result. However, the simple application of a layer of protective safety film to the inside of a vehicle’s windows is able to prevent the shattering effect. The damaged glass remains held together, obstructing the thief’s attempts to gain access to any valuables such as mobile phones and laptops that happen to be visible and within reach.

Quite often, the unexpected delay caused by the safety film will be enough for the thief to abandon his efforts and to retreat before drawing too much attention. In other instances it provides sufficient breathing space for the driver to escape the scene with no loss other than the damage to his or her windscreen.

Precautions to Observe When Installing Window Tint

How to avoid this type of car theft totally is, for the foreseeable future, likely to remain a problem for the nation’s law enforcement agencies to wrestle with. However, in the meantime, fitting an approved safety film is definitely the most effective and economical countermeasure currently available to the South African motorist. Among the leading products in this class, worldwide, are those manufactured and distributed by Commonwealth Laminating & Coating, Inc. under the SunTek brand. In Pretoria, the Electronic Fitment Centre (EFC) is a stockist and certified installer of the US company’s premium safety film, a product designed specifically to provide protection from Smash and Grab incidents but equally effective in limiting the consequences of accidental damage.

The product should not be confused with many others, often fitted in makeshift workshops and designed simply to reduce glare by providing varying degrees of opacity with a coloured tint. While it may certainly be true that it makes it more difficult for the would-be thief to determine the nature and number of a vehicle’s occupants and what valuables, if any, may be up for grabs, only films manufactured from the right materials and to an adequate thickness can be expected to display the strength that is guaranteed to provide the degree of protection required.

The SunTek product has also been designed to provide protection from both heat and UV rays while, at the same time, it offers the exceptional optical clarity that serves to ensure maximum driver visibility under all conditions. While the manufacturer’s guarantees offer users total reassurance with regard to the product’s potential performance, it must also be born in mind that, only when it is installed to the company’s specified standards, can it actually be expected to achieve the promised performance.

SunTek safety film is how many motorists choose to avoid car theft from smash and grab attacks but it is essential to ensure that it is fitted professionally by an accredited installer. For vehicle owners in Pretoria this can only mean a visit to Hatfield’s Electronic Fitment Centre.