Smash & Grab

An Authorised Fitment Centre That Does It All

Finding an authorised fitment centre to suite your needs is often a tough thing to do when you consider how a lot of these dealers only specialize in one or two things. It’s usually because there are certain requirements that need to be met by the dealers before they can be authorised to do the work in the first place. Being an Authorised dealer means that you are able to meet the manufacturer requirements for using their products in your own business, and without it there is no guarantee that the job will be done properly.

When you have a fitment centre that is able to provide you with guaranteed workmanship on all kinds of services, you are bound to get exactly what you are looking for and you can get it done quickly. Some of the more common services offered by a fitment centre include tires and wheels, shocks and exhausts, as well as security related installations that include smash & grab on the windows, navigation systems and anything related to aircons.

Choosing the Right Fitment Centre for Your Car

You have the choice of going directly to a fitment centre that specializes in what you need or you can visit a one stop shop that caters for it all. As long as they are authorised the handle the work, you can rest assured that they will be deliver. If you take smash & grab as an example you will notice that the fitment centre will explain what the minimum and maximum requirements are for the type of coating that they are supposed to use.

The plastic itself would also need to meet minimum safety requirements in terms of thickness and the type of material being used so that you are guaranteed a minimum amount of protection. You also need to be able to see through your windows once the installation centre has completed the work, or you could become a road hazard for others on the road. You would also need to be able navigate your way around the roads while you are driving.

They should also be able to assist you with navigation systems, and integrating a GPS into your vehicle to provide you with on the spot location services whenever you need it. The system can be a standalone GPS device that is simply mounted to the windscreen or dash, or you can have a fully integrated system that runs through the vehicle’s audio system. You may even want it to have its own view screen that is built into the dashboard.

Aircons are just as Easy as Smash & Grab and Navigation Systems

If you need to have you aircons re-gassed, repaired or even replaced, then your one stop fitment centre comes to the rescue once again. You can have it all checked out when you bring your vehicle in for them to look at. You may even want to have an air-conditioning unit installed in your vehicle when it doesn’t come standard with the vehicle.

They should also be able to find a unit that will fit your specific make and model, so there is no need to worry about it fitting inside your bonnet. You can have it installed within a day and be ready to drive it home in that afternoon with nice cool air coming through your vents. As most of these services are highly specialized, they often require qualified individuals to handle it, and once again that’s the importance of going with an Authorised fitment centre to handle the installation of smash & grab, navigation systems and aircons.

At least if you have the work done by qualified individuals you are guaranteed a high standard of workmanship and a sensible way to protect and repair your vehicle.