Park Distance Control

What Exactly Is Park Distant Control?

A park distance sensor is proximity sensors for cars that alert the driver of unseen obstacles when performing parking manoeuvres. This type of system is commonly referred to as a park distance control or PDC of which fall into two different categories such as the ultrasonic parking sensor and the electromagnetic parking sensor.

The electromagnetic sensor relies on the driver moving the car smoothly and slowly towards an object they wish to avoid. Once the obstacle is detected and the vehicles stops momentarily when approaching, the sensor will keeping giving the signal of the obstacles presence. The closer the vehicles get to the obstacle, the alarm signal will become louder.

How It All Works and Why You Should Consider Installation

Park Distance Control InstallationA park distant control installation with this type of sensor does not require any holes to be drilled, as the electromagnetic parking sensor is unique designed and can be mounted on the inner bumper, making the device invisible, especially on new vehicles. However, currently the ultrasonic parking sensor is already available in several of the new brands of vehicles which are also known as parking aids and parktronic’s.

There are also upgrade park distance control kits available for cars that do not already have a park distant control installation or for those that systems are outdated. A PDC provides a common feedback to the driver which is usually audible tones and/or beeps. The closer the car moves towards an object the beeps will become faster, and the beeps will also indicate the distance the vehicle is from the obstruction.

When the vehicle is extremely close to an obstruction, a continuous tone can be heard which will warn the driver to immediately stop avoiding a collision. As opposed to audible tones, some PDC systems have visual aids such as LCD or LED read-outs which give the driver an indication of the distance of the obstruction. The distance and direction of the obstruction is indicated by the strength and location of the PDC warning symbols.

Consider Your Park Distance Control Installation Carefully

However, some systems have shortcomings in that they purely rely on sound waves and reflection, which at times may not be detected, if the obstacle is not large or flat enough to reflect sound. An ultrasonic park distance control installation that has been constantly exposed to the environment does not have a long life span and may need to be replaced after several years.

In most instances, PDC systems come with a fail safe mode that will detect malfunctions and immediately alert the driver that the system is malfunctioning, and the driver hen should not rely on the device when reversing.