central locking installations

The Advantage of Central Locking Installations on Your Vehicle

Central locking installations on a vehicle have clear benefits for vehicle owners no matter where you are or how often you drive your vehicle. Whether you have a two-door, a four-door or a minivan with sliding doors, you can install a central locking kit onto the vehicle and have all the doors secured or opened at the touch of a button.

It all depends on the type of installation you choose, but you can also have selective locking installed by the Electronic Fitment Centre so that you can open the driver’s door on its own, you can open the boot, or the passenger doors if you want, giving you full control of who gets in your car and where. Your central locking can be installed and connected to your alarm and immobiliser for added security.

Combine Central Locking with Alarms and Immobilisers

Alarms and immobilisers add extra security to your vehicle by preventing anyone from stealing the car. The alarm itself acts as a deterrent when it goes off, usually chasing them away and attracting your attention to notify you that something is wrong with your car. The immobiliser on the other hand, is an internal anti-theft mechanism that prevents the vehicle from being started without the correct key.

You get a various levels of security when it comes to these devices and choosing one depends entirely on your budget and how much security you feel is necessary for your car. Certain immobilisers can still be by-passed if a thief knows what they are doing, and as a result, vehicle manufacturers have had to get smarter when it comes to the installation of security measures in their vehicles.

Most of the new vehicles coming off the production line will have a high-level immobiliser installed, where all the wiring is one colour and only the manufacturer can tell the difference between all of them. The alarm systems are coded into individual keys so that just the one key can deactivate the alarm. In addition to all that, whenever you deactivate the alarm, the central locking kicks in and unlocks either the driver’s door or all the doors of the vehicle at once.

Central Locking Installations are Clearly Quite Useful

As you can see, installing a central locking system into your vehicle has a lot more benefits than simply opening or unlocking all your doors at once. You have the benefits of additional security measures and you have the ability to control all of that security at the touch of a button.

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