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Affordable Car Sound Systems Installation from Electronic Fitment Centre

2.	Car Sound Systems InstallationWhen shopping around for a great sound system for your car, choosing the best system for your budget is only half of the battle. You will need to have it professionally installed in order to be able to get the most benefit from your investment. Opting for a professional installation will also provide you with the reassurance to know that should you have any future problem, you will have some recourse to follow.

We are one of the leading car sound system installation professionals in Gauteng. With over 17 years’ experience in the industry, we provide our customers with the practical experience that only comes with getting your hands dirty and delivering one successful installation after another.

We have fitment centres around Gauteng, but for those who are unable to come to us, we also operate a fully-fledged mobile fitment service that come to where you are. Our dedication to customer service excellence have helped us to grow into one of Gauteng’s preferred fitment centres for products ranging from air conditioning systems, car sound systems, Bluetooth car kits, electric windows, in-car DVD systems and alarms and immobilisers, to name only a few.

Another popular product is our anti-smash and grab solutions, fitted at our SUNTEK approved fitment centre. We provide many value-adding products and services to our valued customers who continue to trust us with the safety of their vehicles.

As part of our commitment to providing our customers with the best service possible, we are proud of our gold status VESA approval and continue to lead the way forward. If you would like to discuss any of our cutting edge products, contact Electronic Fitment Centre today to discuss all your needs and see how our industry leading solutions will exceed your expectations.

Installing Car Sound Systems Requires Skill and Experience

Those of us who may be a little older will certainly recall the days when buying car sound systems from the local supermarket and installing them oneself was very much the norm. Times, however, have since changed and so too has the average vehicle radio. Both the old 8-track and the more compact tape player have been replaced by the CD player and today’s rear-seat passengers often spend their journeys viewing movies rather than the scenery.


Perhaps even more significantly, none of these items has evolved quite as radically as the vehicles themselves and the days of the DIY fitting is rapidly becoming a thing of the past. Today the task has become the undisputed realm of experts such as those to be found at EFC, a specialised Electronic Fitment Centre located in Hatfield, a suburb of Pretoria.


Each member of the centre’s 41-strong technical team has undergone the most rigorous training needed to become fully familiar with the wide range of products and the even wider range of vehicles into which these products must be fitted. The company is a stockist of most leading audio brands including Sony, Pioneer, Panasonic, Phillips and Kenwood and enjoys the gold status VESA approval that identifies them as thoroughly competent to undertake installing any of these prestigious car sound systems and numerous others besides.


Not limited to one-off personal installations, EFC has gained considerable experience in serving the needs of large vehicle fleets. Since opening its doors, the company has undertaken specialised electronic services in support of some of the country’s largest and best known fleets including Avis, Early Bird Farm, AVBOB, Executour and Telkom’s Debis Fleet.


Car Sound and other Installations


Over and above its audio range, EFC also supplies numerous other vehicle-related electronics such as cruise control, electronic windows, air conditioners, alarms, satellite tracking devices and GPS navigation systems. Together with Bluetooth kits, iPod converters and even smash and grab protection, the company’s exceptionally broad product portfolio has also served to make it a preferred one-stop shop for a number of the nation’s short term insurers.


For those in the immediate area it is normally only necessary to drive in and wait for the next free technician but the company also fields 8 mobile teams. Serving those customers that live or work in the more distant parts of Gauteng such as Witbank, Rustenburg, Bella Bella, Krugersdorp and the East and West Rands, the mobile teams are skilled at installing car sound systems and various other electronic devices that are designed to be fitted into domestic or commercial vehicles. For convenience these fittings may be undertaken either at a client’s home or business premises.