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Be Safe with a Bluetooth Car Kit

Be Safe with a Bluetooth Car Kit – Install the Parrot Brand

Rather than risking an accident or traffic violation fine because a person operates a vehicle while talking on a cell phone, we offer vehicle dealers and insurance companies the opportunity to give their customer a solution. The message is to be safe with Bluetooth car kit. Some of the Bluetooth car kits available from us and which we install for vehicle fleet owners and on behalf of car dealers are briefly introduced below.

Parrot Standard

The Parrot Standard enables the vehicle operator the opportunity to be safe with a Bluetooth car kit. It offers excellent functionality and superior onboard telephony technology suitable for today’s vehicles. Parrot has included voice recognition and sound processing technology in their Standard kit to ensure optimal voice quality and smooth conversations amidst heavy traffic and vehicle noise.

The product doesn’t have a screen, but allows for hands-free phone operation. The user interface is operated with three buttons and it comes with an adjustable external microphone. Up to 150 names can be stored on the system for each phone allowing for easy call making through the voice recognition system. Echoes are eliminated allowing for clear voice telephony. It is compatible with almost all Bluetooth enabled phones.

The kit comes with an electronic control unit, keypad, fitting accessories, mute and a power supply cable and can be paired with up to three phones. The unidirectional microphone makes it possible to reduce the influence of external noises.

Parrot Mki9200

The hands-free Bluetooth car kit has superior audio quality, making it a sheer pleasure to receive and make voice calls while driving. It is a user-independent system that ensures optimal voice recognition independent of who is talking. It comes with connectors for any type of music device, whether it is USB MP3 player, CD player, Bluetooth Stereo device, iPhone or iPod.

The system includes a 2.4” colour screen together with a wireless remote controlled user interface with six options, and a double microphone, which is also externally mounted and can be adjusted. The phonebook can be synchronised automatically and menus include:

  • Contacts
  • Playlist
  • Artwork of the specific album
  • Caller photo ID

The advanced system furthermore includes text to speech recognition and can save as many as 2000 contacts for each phone. Up to five phones can be connected to the system. It also includes two audio effects such as sound spatializer and the virtual super bass. With complete noise reduction and echo elimination it allows for crystal clear voice calls. It is compatible with almost all Bluetooth enabled phones.

Parrot Plug & Play Steering Control MKi9100

It is a Parrot UNIKA installable interface allowing the operator to be safe with a Bluetooth car kit. The system is an installable interface, connecting the steering wheel controls to any Parrot MKi and ASTEROID series hands free system. It includes the user-interface which has wireless remote control and six selection options, a display menu, automatic voice recognition and text to speech synthesis. The system furthermore comes with an externally placed adjustable double microphone and virtual super bass audio effects. Noise can be reduced because of the echo cancellation and full duplex features. It is compatible with almost all makes of Bluetooth enabled phones.


The installed interface links the vehicle steering controls with any CK31000 LCD kit as well Parrot CK3000 Evolution kit. It comes with auto phonebook synchronisation and has fifteen hours talk time battery life and can also be on standby for up to twenty days. It comes with text to speech synthesis can has an omnidirectional microphone. Noise reduction capabilities are included.

View the full range of Bluetooth car kits and offer your clients and employees numerous ways to be safe while driving. Enquire about pricing and installation today.

Be Safer on the Road with a Bluetooth Car Kit

Safety is always a growing concern, especially when it comes to vehicles and distractions with the driver that can potentially have devastating effects. Since mobile phones are such a common accessory and business tool in our modern lives, you will find that most drivers on our roads are trying to operate these mobile devices while driving; a potential disaster waiting to happen. One of the most effective ways to reduce the danger is by installing a Bluetooth car kit.

With a hands free car kit installed by, you will be able to keep both hands on the wheel since your mobile phone will be connected to the Bluetooth car kit. This allows you to answer your phone without having to hold it in your hand, and you can also have a conversation while driving, since your phone will be connected to this handy accessory and will not have to be held by you. Without this distraction, you can focus your attention on the road and this in turn will reduce the possibility of an accident occurring.

bluetooth car kitThese handy car accessories have become very popular over the last few years since it is so easy to install, easy to use, and very safe for motorists. Almost all modern mobile phones have this capability and with different models and options, every motorist can now enjoy the convenience and the safety that comes with these handy accessories.

Driving while talking on your mobile phone has become a criminal offence in some parts and although many motorists find this annoying, it was actually put in place to safeguard people from unnecessary accidents. It increases safety on the road by keeping the motorist’s attention focused on the road itself and on other road users, eliminating any unnecessary distractions that can easily lead to an avoidable accident where people can get hurt and vehicles can incur expensive damages. This is a very effective measure to safeguard people on the road, and it is both affordable and convenient too.

Fitting a Bluetooth kit to your vehicle is very easy to do and can be handled by any professional installer. With the safety benefits and the convenience, this product offers great value for money and it is an investment that every motorist should consider; especially if they are on the road frequently and make use of their mobile phone for business purposes.