Solutions for Loading Vehicles

South Africans really love their bakkies. The big load box on the back of the vehicle can be used in many ways, one of which is loading and transporting goods. The problem with the transportation of goods is that they can score the bodywork inside the load bin. Nobody wants to damage their paintwork and luckily, Electronic Fitment Centre offers a solution to this problem.

Rhino LiningsBy having a rubberised lining applied in the load area of your bakkie, you can prevent any damage that a load can inflict on it during loading and transportation. Rhino Linings offers a selection of customisable options for rubberised load-bay linings. The rubber protects the paint from scoring and scratching and keeps goods in place more securely during transportation, because they grip the rubber surface instead of sliding around easily on the sheet-metal floor. The rubberised lining adds an additional layer of scuff, scratch, and dent protection to your load bay and it can resist years of wear and tear.

Rhino Linings can also give a new lease of life to the loading bay of an older bakkie. The old loading bay can be cleaned and rust-treated before the Rhino lining is applied. The lining will then seal and waterproof the surface and prevent it from rusting or deteriorating further. The lining will cover up any existing scarring, making it look brand-new and ready for work. The Rhino Linings product offers excellent resistance to impacts, corrosion, and abrasive damage. The rubber coating is sprayed directly onto the surface of the loading bay. This means that each coat dries directly onto the previous coat, creating a seal between the lining and the body.

In fact, this spray-on polyurethane rubberised lining is in a class of its own, being a water- and airtight seal between the lining and the body of the vehicle, so you can rest assured that your bakkie’s loading bay is protected. It is bonded directly to the cargo area’s surface, so it will not work loose, split, or peel and it is impervious to the effects of sun and rain. Rhino Linings are designed to be tough and add value by protecting the loading area of your bakkie with a nearly impenetrable layer.

Electronic Fitment Centre offers a wide selection of accessories and customisations for your vehicle. For more info on Rhino Linings, please contact us with any enquiries. Choose us today for all your vehicle-accessory needs and take your daily driver to the next level with our selection of products and upgrades.