Rhino Linings Protect Your Bakkie’s Load Bin

It’s really quite illogical that so many new bakkies are sold with no load-bin protection at all. When you drive it off the showroom floor, the entire loading area is all gleaming, fresh paint that is just waiting to look tacky within a week. It makes no sense whatsoever to destroy your paintwork the first time you load something on the back, just because the manufacturer didn’t bother to have any protection fitted. What is more, once the paint is chipped through to the bare metal, it is going to start rusting. That is what Rhino Linings bin protection is for. It permanently protects the loading area against nicks, scratches, and abrasive damage.

Plastic, moulded, drop-in bin protection is available as well, but not everyone prefers this type, as there is still a gap between the liner and the body and water can get trapped underneath it. It also scuffs the paintwork and rust can start in such spots. Rhino Linings protection is different. It is not a drop-in liner; it is a spray-on polyurethane lining that bonds directly to the body and seals it tightly, forming a water- and airtight bond that completely isolates the paintwork from the environment and all the hazards that can damage it, including the sun, impacts, abrasions, fuels, fertilisers, moisture, and other chemicals.

The great thing about Rhino Linings is that the treatment can be done in a variety of colours and you can either have the lining applied in a single base colour or you can have the lining painted with a range of UV-stable paints to achieve the desired colour. What is great about a spray-on lining such as Rhino Linings is that it does not have to be discarded and replace like a plastic lining when it has become old and/or damaged. Old linings can simply be refurbished as good as new by reapplying it and they are good for another stint.

Neither is Rhino Linings treatment the same as other spray-on treatments because it is, in fact, around four times tougher and stronger than most conventional linings, giving it much-improved longevity when compared to most traditional types or rubberisation available on the market today.

Don’t let your new bakkies load bin go to waste. Protect it from damage and the elements with Rhino Linings protection, professionally applied by Electronic Fitment Centre. You can also talk to us about a vast range of products, from alarm systems and multimedia systems to hands-free car kits and towbars.