Rhino Linings Protect Your Bakkie’s Load Bay

A bakkie is made for work. The load bay of a full-size bakkie can take upwards of a metric tonne and the stuff you put back there could be virtually anything, from sand, stone, and garden refuse to retail products, holiday luggage, and camping paraphernalia. The bottom line is that this space is made for loading things and, as such, it takes a beating. Therefore, it makes little sense that the vast majority of bakkies are sold with normal painted load bays without any form of protection. The very first time you use the bakkie to transport anything, the paint will become scratched and damaged, allowing in moisture and setting the scene for rust forming. All bakkies should come as standard with load-bay protection like Rhino’s top-quality bin linings, but they don’t.

Luckily, Electronic Fitment Centre is here to help. We fit specialised bin protection for bakkies and we prefer the Rhino Linings brand because of several reasons. The most important is that it is an extremely tough product made of polyurethane that will resist wear and tear for years. Furthermore, and in contrast to some drop-in plastic tubs, the Rhino Linings product is sprayed on for a watertight bond with the body. Therefore, there is no gap between the protective layer and the bodywork of the vehicle, like there would be in the case of a drop-in plastic type. No gaps mean no chafing, rubbing, and water ingress, which means that the paint cannot be damaged or worn away, allowing in moisture that can cause rust and body rot.

Rhino Linings also offers polyurea protection for larger truck beds and big trailers. This is a particularly specialised product meant for this type of application and it has been estimated to be around four times stronger than most other types of conventional protection measures. It also lasts longer than any of the other kinds of rubberised protective layers usually used in this type of application. Another boon is that all these protective treatments can be refurbished and reapplied when the time comes. Last but not least, you can order your Rhino Linings bin protection in any colour to match your bakkie.

It should be clear why we only use Rhino Linings bin protection at EFC. There is no better protective treatment for the load bays of bakkies, trucks, and trailers. Besides bin protection, EFC offers a vast range of other aftermarket products for cars and bakkies. Call us to find out more.