Rhino Linings® can Protect Your Bakkie’s Load Box for Years

A bakkie’s load box takes a pounding and this is not only true of the single-cab workhorse models that are tasked with hauling around cargo like machinery, sand, building materials, and tools. Even the family double cab’s load box lives a hard life, usually being the recipient of holiday luggage, bicycles, fishing equipment, suitcases, generators, and a myriad of other stuff that a bakkie is usually tasked with carting around. It is, therefore, extremely shortsighted to sell a brand-new bakkie with absolutely nothing to protect its load box than that gleaming layer of factory-applied paint. And that glaring omission is exactly what Rhino Linings® is here to fill.

Rhino Linings® is a manufacturer of top-quality bin linings for bakkies that cover the original paintwork and make for a hard-wearing surface ready to take abuse for years without inflicting damage on the vehicle. Such a liner serves as a barrier against abrasive and corrosive damage, as well as the effects of aggressive chemicals and substances such as fuel, fertiliser, and acids. It goes without saying, therefore, that it is an exceedingly well-performing barrier against water ingress and the subsequent problem that accompanies it – rust.

The Top Features of Rhino Linings® Bin Protection

The Rhino Linings® product is made from polyurea, which is why is it incredibly tough. In fact, it has been specially developed for the tough job of protecting bakkies’ load boxes and is around four times stronger than some of the other, conventional, rubberised bin liners out there. However, it is not only functional; it is also attractive. To this end, it is available in all colours, so your bin liner can match your vehicle. The base liner is simply coated with a UV-stable paint in a colour of your choice. Its airtight seal makes the Rhino Linings® both air- and watertight, protecting your original paintwork against all types of damage. Last but not least, old and worn liners can easily be refurbished by reapplication, making them good as new.

Besides bin liners, we can also offer your bakkie bullbars, nudgebars, rollbars, side steps, and other accessories. We cater for all types of cars and our vast range of products include window film and tinting, multimedia systems, GPSs, PDC, cruise control, central locking, and a lot more. You can bring your old car bang up to date with the latest technology today. All you have to do is browse through our expansive “Products” page or simply give us a call.