Let Us Install A Wireless Phone Charger in Your Vehicle

We all carry battery-powered electronic devices with us all day long and keeping them all charged up has become a typical First World problem. Whenever someone enters a room, office, or restaurant nowadays, they seem to be heading straight for the nearest power outlet to plug in that laptop and smartphone. And then we’re not talking about all the accessories and peripherals that go with these, such as Bluetooth earbuds and headphones, tablets, and the like. That is why wireless charging is such a boon, allowing you to charge enabled devices without even having to plug them in. Some modern cars have a pad acting as a wireless phone charger, but what if you have an older model without one?

Have A Wireless Phone Charger Installed in Any Car

That’s right, now you can have a wireless phone charger installed in any car that left the factory without one, giving your car the same ability to charge wireless devices as offered nowadays by only some of the expensive new cars. In fact, because the technology uses no cables to connect to the phone, it does not even have to be installed visibly. It can be hidden away behind a plastic panel and as long as the panel is no thicker than 3 mm, your phone can simply be placed on said panel and it will charge, right through the plastic! This can be an oddments tray or parcel shelf or any other place where your phone can fit snugly against the flat surface.

Any Kind of In-Car Electronics

We cannot only fit a wireless phone charger in your car, but any of a variety of in-car electronics to transform your vehicle into a modern, connected environment like the best new cars out there. Some of these are practical safety and security systems such as an alarm, immobiliser, park-distance control, or tracking unit, while others are communication and entertainment installations like Bluetooth car kits, multimedia systems, audio systems, and GPSs. We can transform your car from an analogue ‘80s commuter into an Internet-enabled, app-connected digital companion on your daily drive.

Some of our combination units kill two birds with one stone; for instance, you can have a multi-functional colour screen installed that is at the same time a turn-by-turn GPS, Bluetooth car kit, app-enabled Android device, and display for reversing camera. And this is just the tip of the iceberg. Besides all the electronic in-car systems, we also professionally fit towbars, bull bars, anti-smash-and-grab window film, gear locks, bakkie bin linings, and a huge range off other accessories. Talk to us about transforming your car.