Immobilizer Fitment

Immobilizer Fitment Services in Gauteng

An immobilizer is a device responsible for disabling a vehicle’s engine from starting, unless the correct ignition or other device is present. This particular device deters theft of vehicles. Newer models of vehicles often come with an immobilizer already fitted. With this type of immobilizer, the vehicle owner doesn’t need to activate the device – it simply activates automatically when the vehicle is turned off. An immobilizer fitment is possible in vehicles that don’t come with the device or system already present. In these cases, you can stand to benefit from more than just the deterrent function of the device. Many insurance companies will offer a lower monthly premium if you have such a security feature installed and working properly.  

Immobilizers typically stop the fuel supply or the ignition from starting the vehicle. How is this achieved? The ignition key and the steering column communicate via a radio frequency transponder and reader. When the correct key is placed into the ignition, a code is sent to the to the radio frequency reader, which then allows the vehicle to start. In cases where the code sent to the reader is not the right code or there is no code provided, such as in the case of hot wiring, the device will shut down the system and the vehicle will not be able to start.

At Electronic Fitment Centre, we are well aware of just how important it is to have quality vehicle security measures in place. We offer a range of immobilizes and also offer professional immobilizer fitment services to ensure that your device is correctly installed and operating effectively. Choosing a qualified and experienced fitment team to assist you is absolutely essential if you want to ensure that your vehicle is safe and secure at all times.

We stock the Autowatch and SANJI range of alarms and immobilisers, and our technicians can fit your immobilizer at our premises or yours. We have mobile teams that cover most of Gauteng and will do whatever we can to ensure that the process is quick, hassle free and convenient for you.

If you are shopping around for a company that can offer you affordable immobilizer fitment services, as well as top-quality immobilizer devices, we at Electronic Fitment Centre are just what you need. Take the time to pay us a visit or give us a call. Alternatively, send us an email. We look forward to assisting you in any way possible.