Have A Bluetooth Car Kit Installed Today

It is illegal to handle your cellphone using your hands while operating your vehicle, whether you are driving or standing still at the traffic lights. Not only that, but it is also dangerous. To enable you to make and receive calls safely while on the road, you need a Bluetooth car kit. This is a device that uses short-range Bluetooth wireless technology to connect to your phone so you can interact with the device using your voice instead of touching your phone. Many vehicles today are fitted as standard with this type of technology but if you have one that isn’t – or you drive an older car – you need a Bluetooth kit.

Many Parrot Models Available at EFC

At EFC, we believe that Parrot makes the leading Bluetooth hands-free kits available and we offer no fewer than seven models for you to choose from. The simplest model is the Standard CK3000 Evo and it’s the ideal budget model for people who just want the basic functions and don’t need a display. This 3-button model is easy to use, has its own adjustable, external microphone, and built-in voice recognition for making calls. Noise reduction, full duplex, and an echo-cancellation feature ensure that voice quality is crystal clear. What’s more, it works with practically all phones.

Several other Parrot derivatives are available, scaling in price and the functions they offer. They include the following models:

  • Display CK3100 LCD
  • MKi9000
  • Plug & Play MKi9100
  • MKi9200
  • Asteroid Smart

Parrot Asteroid Smart

The Asteroid Smart bears additional mention because this amazing device is far more than just a Bluetooth car kit. It is for people who want a fully featured, multifunctional device in their vehicles that can fulfil several functions. In fact, it is an entire entertainment system that runs the Android operating system, just like a smartphone, and on which you can load apps from the Google Play Store. If you have a double-DIN slot available in your car’s dashboard, it will fit right in for that seamless, integrated look. It has a 6,2-inch multi-touch full-colour screen. It is also a GPS with a full-colour map and turn-by-turn voice navigation and a multimedia system containing a 4×55 W MOSFET amplifier with 6x RCA and subwoofer outputs. It even has a video input for a reversing camera.

Bring your car right up to date with modern electronic aftermarket fitments to fill those gaps in your in-car technology. The best place to start is to become safe behind the wheel by having us fit a Bluetooth hands-free kit.