Give Your Bakkie the Boot

South Africans buy bakkies by their thousands and they are often the top-selling vehicles on the sales charts. Especially double cabs are popular because they offer seating for four to five people, yet still offer the utility value of a loading bin at the rear. Considering the appeal of this vehicle design, many South Africans use them as daily drivers. The problem is that the loading bin of a bakkie is open and accessible, so anything placed in it is susceptible to theft whenever the vehicle is at a standstill or parked.

Rigidek aluminium bakkie covers can convert the loading bin of your bakkie into a secure and lockable “boot”. As a result, you can load your bakkie with groceries, shopping bags, or other items with the peace of mind that everything will still be there when you get home. Electronic Fitment Centre can assist in getting your vehicle fitted with a Rigidek cover. These covers are more than just a lid for the load box of your bakkie. Because it is secure, it adds a sense of security that is usually absent when loading your bakkie. Today, we will look at some details surrounding this aluminium lid and how it can be of use to you.

Aluminium is a popular metal in the manufacturing industry, thanks to its combination of strength, lightness, and resistance to rust and corrosion. Rigidek uses aluminium to manufacture a lid cover for bakkies that is so lightweight that you will not even notice the extra weight. These covers are designed to fit perfectly on top of the loading bin and they do not require the body of the bakkie to be modified in any way. With their advanced design, they look smart and will add to the aesthetics of your bakkie, not detract from it.

Rigidek bakkie covers can be installed on most leading brands’ bakkies, including Ford and Toyota. This aluminium cover weighs only 20 kg, so it truly is a lightweight security solution. If you wish to remove the cover entirely to liberate more vertical loading space, it can be done in half a minute’s time. So confident is Rigidek of the quality of their aluminium covers that they offer a 2-year warranty on them.

Electronic Fitment Centre offers a wide selection of products and upgrades for your car. Rigidek aluminium bakkie covers can transform your bakkie and make it more practical. For more information on these covers, please contact us with any enquiries. Make the most of your bakkie with EFC and Rigidek on your side.