Get A Wireless Car Charger for Your New Smartphone

If you own a latest-model top-end smartphone, it probably has the ability to be charged wirelessly. To this end, it will ship with a charging pad that you can plug into a household electrical outlet and on which you can place the phone to charge it at home without the need to plug a cable into the handset. However, you want that functionality in your car as well and the truth is that modern cars with such charging pads are still, surprisingly, few and far between. The solution is to get an aftermarket wireless car charger for your smartphone that you can use in your car. Problem solved!

Charging Technology that Dispenses with The Cables

The entire world is going wireless and we haven’t needed cables to talk on the telephone or connect to the Internet for years now. Charging technology seems to have lagged behind but, finally, smartphones and other devices that can now be charged without having to plug them in are becoming more commonplace. In fact, some of the newest smartphones on the market can even be put in charging mode and in that way, you can charge another device wirelessly with it by just placing it on its back! For the car that has left the factory without this technology, of course, you will need to have an aftermarket wireless car charger installed.

Factory-Fitted Look

Electronic Fitment Centre can answer the call with a professionally installed wireless car charger, so you can charge your compatible device without having to fiddle with plugging in cables on the go. The best of all is that it can be hidden away so nobody can see it, for that factory-fitted look. In fact, it can be hidden behind any plastic panel, as long as it is not more than 3 mm thick, such as a storage tray in the centre console, an oddments tray, or a centre armrest. As long as there is enough space for your phone to fit flatly onto the surface, our wireless car charger can charge it through such a surface without anybody even knowing it’s there.

We can install the kit complete with an inline fuse and its required 750 mm of wiring to suit any vehicle or application. The negative wire is simply affixed to the vehicle body to act as an earth connection and the other wire to a 12-V ignition point. Thereafter, the device is securely glued into place behind the desired surface and you are ready to go. To learn more about our Bluetooth car kits, chargers, GPSs, and multimedia devices, contact us today.