Get A Bluetooth Car Kit and Stay on The Right Side of The Law

As you are no doubt aware, it is illegal for a motorist to use their hands to operate a cellphone while driving their vehicle. Unless you leave the road, park, and switch off your engine, you are deemed to be in contravention of this law and a traffic officer may slap you with a hefty fine. It is not an unreasonable law and, indeed, many countries prohibit their motorists from holding a phone while driving. It is distracting and leaves you with only one hand to operate the vehicle. Unless you always have a passenger who can answer the phone for you and put it on speakerphone, so you can converse while driving, you may therefore not use your phone at all and the only feasible solution is a Bluetooth car kit.

Parrot Leads the Way

Parrot is the accepted leader in the aftermarket Bluetooth car kit industry in South Africa and Electronic Fitment Centre does not only stock a variety of Parrot models at different price points, but we can also professionally install any one of them in your car. Even the simplest of models can store more than 100 contacts per phone that it is paired to and offers advanced features such as noise-reduction and echo-cancelling. Some of the more fully featured models higher up in the range are very capable, multi-functional multimedia devices with colour screens that work like smartphones and have the ability to load and run apps.

Parrot Asteroid Smart

The Parrot Asteroid Smart is such a top-of-the-range device that is far more than just a Bluetooth car kit. It has a 6,2-inch colour screen and it runs the Android operating system, so you can install apps on it. It can access the Internet and also works as a GPS, offering you proper turn-by-turn navigation. It is at the same time a 4×55 W MOSFET amplifier with no fewer than six RCA outputs and a subwoofer. As if this is not impressive enough, it can be linked to a reversing camera and display a crisp colour image of the area behind the car when you select reverse gear.

Oh, and lest we forget, it is, after all, still a Bluetooth car kit, so you can obviously make and receive hands-free telephone calls on it, just like you can with any other such kit. However, with a Parrot Asteroid Smart, you can do a lot more besides. This is only a single model, so for an idea of the range we have available for every budget, contact us today.