Find It Where You Parked It – Why Immobilisers Are Important

Immobilisers are electric or electronic devices fitted to motor vehicles to prevent thieves from easily stealing them. What they essentially do is prevent the vehicle to be started unless a certain action has been performed or a button has been pushed. Some of the manual systems require that you press a button to enable the starter-motor circuit; failing to do so will prevent turning the key from having any effect. Others are automatically activated when you turn the vehicle on and will cut the engine a certain number of seconds after it was started unless you press a hidden button to disable it. Others still are full-featured remote-controlled systems with many functions. Here is a look at some of the immobilisers available from Electronic Fitment Centre:

  • Autowatch 211. This is one of Autowatch’s simplest immobilisers and works like an anti-hijack system. It activates automatically once the doors are closed and the engine has been started. You have to press a hidden button to disable it and if you don’t, it will sound audible warnings before eventually slowing and stopping the car.
  • Autowatch 277. This model offers similar features to the 211 but adds two remotes for remotely controlling the system.
  • Autowatch 433. Instead of buttons, this system is disabled using a touch key. Each user has their own touch key and up to eight of them can be programmed to work with the system. An optional Keyguard feature is available for lost keys and a Valet feature for when you leave your vehicle at a dealership.
  • Autowatch 488: The 488 has even more features. Its touch-key receptacle is illuminated for easy location and it uses even more secure encrypted rolling-code technology. It is designed to also activate when a door is opened or with a change of ignition status. It has many other features, like anti-hotwire, a horn-activated tracking feature, an anti-tamper housing, and a re-arming feature.
  • Autowatch 446. This model has a sonic sensor that cannot be bypassed, LED signal display, five programmable key transmitters, a panic button, automatic re-arming, and a confidential code override to start your car, even if you’ve lost your keys.
  • Autowatch 446 Remote. This is linked to your existing central-locking system and it even has an automatic window-closing feature. It comes with up to eight remotes (two supplied), early warning, PIN override for the motion sensor, a 2-stage shock sensor, and much more.

Have any of these advanced immobilisers fitted at Electronic Fitment Centre and have the peace of mind that your car is protected. We endorse and fit top-quality Autowatch immobilisers to any vehicle.