Window Tinting

SunTek Window Tinting Is an All-in-One Product

Perhaps, 20 years ago, window tinting was just a way to make your car’s glass darker. Today, however, it serves more than one purpose. Sure, there are still products out there that stuck to that old brief but they are not worth your time. Not if you can get so much more with it. Because you see, the modern equivalent from a reputable supplier is now also a safety product. In addition, there are more legal requirements nowadays as well, so it’s not simply a matter of going as dark as you want. By law, side glass has to let through at least 35% light and your windscreen, at least 70%.

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Window Tinting and Anti-Smash-and-Grab Protection Film – All in One

Forget for a moment the notions you have about window tinting and the stereotypical images you see in your mind – perhaps of rebellious youths playing their music loudly in the streets and their cars’ glasshouse covered in mirror-like window tinting. And keep in mind that such a tint is most likely illegal and serves absolutely no purpose other than to look “cool”. It would be illegal because, according to South African law, side glass has to let through at least 35% light and windscreens at least 70%*.
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SunTek is Far More Than Just Window Tinting

If you haven’t given it much thought, you might have been thinking that window tinting serves little purpose other than looking “cool” but there is far more to it than that. And “cool” has a lot to do with it, but not the way you might think. So, let’s cover the first and most obvious advantage of applying a darker layer of film to your car’s glass – to keep the interior cooler and afford your dashboard and upholstery some valuable UV protection. What with the temperature extremes often experienced in South Africa – not to mention that we get on average 300 days of sunshine per year – being cooler and protecting your car’s interior is always a great idea.
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Tinting Your Vehicle’s Windows

Window tinting started out as a purely aesthetic upgrade to a vehicle. With a wide selection of tints available in the late ‘90s and early 2000s, many car enthusiasts opted to tint their car windows. The dark tints were quickly outlawed and the percentage of tint allowed was limited to a maximum of 50%. Fortunately, you can still have your car windows tinted, but now it has also turned into a safety upgrade for your vehicle. How is that? Continue reading

The Benefits of Window Tinting

Personal transport is a common method of commuting in South Africa. Due to a lack of proper public transport, most people are forced to buy their own vehicles to get to where they need to be. Personal vehicles are also regularly modified and upgraded in South Africa. Whether it is larger speakers, a DVD entertainment system, or window tinting, Electronic Fitment Centre has a wide selection of products and solutions for your daily driver. Sound and navigation systems are considered a necessity to provide in-car entertainment and route guidance to keep the driver entertained and on track to their destination. The real concern comes with safety.

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