Safeguard Against Smash and Grab Attacks

Safeguard Against Smash and Grab Attacks and Choose SunTek Window Film

Sadly, in these trying economic times, smash and grab attacks are all too common. In the blink of an eye, when your car moves to a standstill, sneaky chancers can smash your window and grab valuable belongings, such as handbags, laptops, tablets, satellite navigation systems, or mobile phone devices. These instances can be expensive and require car owners to not only replace their belongings but also their damaged window. If the window happens to shatter on passengers, it can also cause them injury and glass shards will often tear car upholstery. A smash and grab can thus be a costly affair, and this is why it is imperative to utilise anti smash and grab solutions like SunTek window film. Continue reading

Invest in Bull Bars

Up Your Vehicle’s Safety and Invest in One Of Our Bull Bars Today

Bull bars, also known as rammers or brush guards, depending on where you are in the world, go a long way when it comes to protecting your vehicle from a possible collision. They are attached to the front of cars and trucks and offer extra padding to protect the vehicle and those inside it. Bull bars thus protect your car and can save you a lot of extra costs in the long run if your vehicle is in an accident. The name derives from the ability of these devices to protect cars from collisions with animals, such as cattle, as well as other types of accidents. They are common in countries, such as South Africa and Australia, and also offer trucks and sedans that popular “off-road” look. Continue reading

Central Locking Installation

Put Your Security First and Opt for Central Locking Installation

When it comes to car security, the benefits of central locking are unparalleled. Central locking installations offer car owners optimal safety and ensure that they can lock their car with a simple click of a button. This security mechanism is often fitted alongside alarm systems and immobilisers and thus forms part of the bigger car-security picture. Whether you are driving a 2-door model, a 4-door car, or a bigger truck, we have a central locking installation solution for you. We also have selective door options, and thus you can choose which doors you want to lock. Central locking enables you to lock or open all the doors at once, and it is especially important for those without off-street parking as they will not have to spend extra time manually locking all their doors. Continue reading

Smash and Grab

Smash-and-Grab Protection for You and Your Belongings All-Year Long

While none of us like to believe that we will be yet another gloomy statistic, the odds are not always in our favour. Crime is unfortunately on the rise, and smash-and-grabs are all too common in South Africa and beyond. These instances are opportunistic and can happen to the best of us. Replacing windows is a costly and time-consuming affair, and sometimes, the items that are stolen are things that money just cannot buy. This is why you need to invest in your safety. Choose an effective solution that works and a company who cares. Continue reading

Car Radio Audio and Installation

Superior Car Radio Audio Solutions and Installations That Last

A vehicle’s sound system might be one of its most entertaining features. Whether you enjoy catching up with the daily news, listening to your favourite radio presenter cracking jokes, or blasting those feel-good tunes as you embark on your next road trip adventure, car stereos bring great joy and entertainment to many. However, the installation of these devices is a somewhat specialised feat, and you should always consult the professionals when it comes to installing them and choosing the right model. This is where we can help. Continue reading