Towbar Fitment that Works

Towbar Fitment that Works – Strength, Durability, and Professional Installation

Towbars are popular picks for anyone with a penchant for adventure-packed holidays or those who need to tow any other vehicle. They are conventionally used to pull other cars, RVs, and trailers. They are also used in the case of a breakdown and can enable you to pull another car behind your own. Unlike tow dollies or trailers, towbars enable the vehicle to move on its own four wheels. When it comes to their installation, it is imperative to go to a reputable service provider who will ensure that the fitment is durable and sturdy.

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The Best Tow Bar Prices

Find the Best Tow Bar Prices in Gauteng

A tow bar, also known as a hitch, is a specialised device that is attached to the chassis of your car. They are used in order to tow other vehicles, caravans, or trailers. When it comes to finding the perfect tow bar for your vehicle, it is important to go with a distributor and installer that you trust and who prides themselves on quality products, fair prices, and top-quality installations. Continue reading

Competitive Towbar Prices

Competitive Bull-Bar, Side-Step, and Towbar Prices

If you want to kit out your bakkie or SUV and you are looking for competitive bull-bar, side-step, and towbar prices in Pretoria, you have come to the right place. However, the odd towbar is not where it stops, because we offer a vast range of other accessories that you can have fitted to your car, bakkie, or SUV – all at extremely competitive prices. Here is an overview of what we have on offer: Continue reading

Top-Quality Bullbars and Nudgebars from EFC

Whereas towbars have a specific purpose and are used to connect trailers, caravans, bicycle racks and the like to cars, SUVs, and bakkies, bullbars are not necessarily fitted with a single-minded purpose in mind. Bullbars are often regarded as a cosmetic addition to a bakkie or SUV, shoring up the vehicle’s butch appearance and being designed to be stylish and immediately noticeable. Some types are, therefore, not made to be strong but just attractive. They offer little by way of protection except, perhaps, shielding the vehicle from the odd errant tree branch.
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Rhino Linings Protect Your Bakkie’s Load Bin

It’s really quite illogical that so many new bakkies are sold with no load-bin protection at all. When you drive it off the showroom floor, the entire loading area is all gleaming, fresh paint that is just waiting to look tacky within a week. It makes no sense whatsoever to destroy your paintwork the first time you load something on the back, just because the manufacturer didn’t bother to have any protection fitted. What is more, once the paint is chipped through to the bare metal, it is going to start rusting. That is what Rhino Linings bin protection is for. It permanently protects the loading area against nicks, scratches, and abrasive damage.
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