Smash & Grab

Protecting Yourself Against Thieves That Smash and Grab

A very common type of crime in South Africa is when thieves smash car windows and grab your belongings. This usually happens at intersections like at red traffic lights where traffic is stationary and the typical targets of this type of crime are cellphones, wallets, purses, handbags, laptops, briefcases, backpacks, shopping bags, keys, and tablets. Thieves pounce on unsuspecting motorists and surprise them – and those moments during which the occupants of the car are paralysed with shock and coming to terms with what is happening are enough for the thieves to make off with their loot.

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Window Tinting and Anti-Smash-and-Grab Protection Film – All in One

Forget for a moment the notions you have about window tinting and the stereotypical images you see in your mind – perhaps of rebellious youths playing their music loudly in the streets and their cars’ glasshouse covered in mirror-like window tinting. And keep in mind that such a tint is most likely illegal and serves absolutely no purpose other than to look “cool”. It would be illegal because, according to South African law, side glass has to let through at least 35% light and windscreens at least 70%*.
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SunTek Window Film from EFC

Smash-and-grab incidents are, sadly, very commonplace in South Africa. They mean what their name implies: opportunistic thieves smash your car’s side window while you are stationary at an intersection and grab whatever they can find lying around on your passenger seat(s); typically a laptop, cellphone, handbag, or wallet/purse. They have been known to grab sunglasses off people’s faces and even physically attack motorists. This is a part of South African life and we must all be vigilant and protect ourselves against this scourge.
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Have SunTek Anti-Smash-and-Grab Window-Protection Film Installed

SunTek is an American company that manufactures top-quality anti-smash-and-grab window-protection film and tinting for the world market. In South Africa, SunTek is available through Electronic Fitment Centre and can be installed on your car in a matter of hours. It is a top-quality product available at a competitive price and is covered by a 7-year nationwide guarantee to ensure your peace of mind. It is also a testament to the quality of the product. All their anti-smash-and-grab window films are manufactured in the SunTek factory in Martinsville, Virginia and imported to South Africa. SunTek is a world-renowned company that also develops and manufactures industrial coatings, adhesives, and laminates.

Smash and Grab: It Can Happen to Anyone

Don’t become just another grim statistic. Smash-and-grab crimes happen daily in South Africa, especially at red traffic lights and particularly to inattentive people. It takes but a moment for a criminal to break a car window and grab whatever is on the seat and make off with it. It stands to reason, then, that you should always be vigilant and not leave temptations in open view on your car seats. But prevention only takes you so far. What happens when, despite all your best efforts, you still become a victim of such a crime? That is why you need SunTek protection.

A Barrier That Buys You Time

The problem with cars’ side glass is that it is tempered but not laminated. It thus does not form dangerous shards when broken but instead breaks into thousands of harmless granules, disintegrating upon impact. SunTek’s anti-smash-and-grab film is a plastic film that holds the broken pane together and in one piece, just like a windscreen’s lamination does. It makes it far more difficult for the attacker to gain entry to the car and buys you valuable time to get away. Given enough time and effort, any barrier can be breached but the luxury of time cannot be overstated. Just a few moments are all you need to drive off before the attacker has a chance to gain entry to your car.

Electronic Fitment Centre can install two thicknesses of SunTek anti-smash-and-grab film – 100 and 150 micron. What is more, you don’t have to apply separate tinting, because you simply choose the tint of your choice – SunTek doubles as window tinting as well! Clear, 35%, and 50% tints are offered. Don’t say it won’t happen to you. Rather be safe than sorry and have a top-quality window film installed at EFC today.

We Fit Anti-Smash-and-Grab Window-Protection Film

Smash-and-grab incidents are, sadly, far too common in South Africa and they tend to happen when you least expect them. Opportunistic bandits and thieves are always on the lookout for motorists that don’t pay attention to their surroundings or are busy on their phones. So, the most important thing is that, if you stay vigilant, many of these types of incidents can be avoided. However, sometimes you are stuck in traffic and cannot drive away immediately or another unfortunate combination of circumstances means that you fall victim to a smash-and-grab crime. So, you’d better come prepared.
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