Rhino Linings® can Protect Your Bakkie’s Load Box for Years

A bakkie’s load box takes a pounding and this is not only true of the single-cab workhorse models that are tasked with hauling around cargo like machinery, sand, building materials, and tools. Even the family double cab’s load box lives a hard life, usually being the recipient of holiday luggage, bicycles, fishing equipment, suitcases, generators, and a myriad of other stuff that a bakkie is usually tasked with carting around. It is, therefore, extremely shortsighted to sell a brand-new bakkie with absolutely nothing to protect its load box than that gleaming layer of factory-applied paint. And that glaring omission is exactly what Rhino Linings® is here to fill.
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Rhino Linings Protect Your Bakkie’s Load Bay

A bakkie is made for work. The load bay of a full-size bakkie can take upwards of a metric tonne and the stuff you put back there could be virtually anything, from sand, stone, and garden refuse to retail products, holiday luggage, and camping paraphernalia. The bottom line is that this space is made for loading things and, as such, it takes a beating. Therefore, it makes little sense that the vast majority of bakkies are sold with normal painted load bays without any form of protection. The very first time you use the bakkie to transport anything, the paint will become scratched and damaged, allowing in moisture and setting the scene for rust forming. All bakkies should come as standard with load-bay protection like Rhino’s top-quality bin linings, but they don’t.
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The Benefits of Rhino Bakkie Linings

When using a pick-up truck daily as a workhorse, it is important to protect the loading area from dents and scrapes. Heavy objects can damage the surface of the loading area and make the vehicle look run-down and tatty in a very short time. By adding a lining to the loading bay, you can protect its surface from the damage caused by heaving many heavy loads onto it. At Electronic Fitment Centre, we can apply Rhino linings to vehicles’ load bins to prevent any chance of damage to the paintwork.
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Solutions for Loading Vehicles

South Africans really love their bakkies. The big load box on the back of the vehicle can be used in many ways, one of which is loading and transporting goods. The problem with the transportation of goods is that they can score the bodywork inside the load bin. Nobody wants to damage their paintwork and luckily, Electronic Fitment Centre offers a solution to this problem.
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Choose Rhino Linings For Heavy Duty Load Protection

Rhino Linings for Your Bakkie

Bakkies are common choices for daily drivers in South Africa. Locals love these vehicles and use them for everything. This is mainly because of their ability to easily haul almost anything that can fit on the back. Many people also use their bakkies as business vehicles. This might regularly involve hauling goods from point A to point B. As a result, the loading bays of these vehicles are exposed to the rigours of daily work and stand to get damaged. Once the scratches have accumulated, your load bin will soon look very shabby and affect your vehicle’s value.

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