Lower Insurance and Other Reasons to Invest in Gearlocks

Gearlock Installation Everyone knows that South Africa is a hotbed for vehicle theft unfortunately. However, you can take proactive steps to prevent your car from appealing to criminals. By investing in a gearlock installation on your vehicle, you will be protecting your investment from theft and also unleash a torrent of other advantages from which you can benefit.

Insurance companies, for instance, look favourably on vehicles that have security features in place that will make it more difficult for criminals to steal the car. These include GPS tracker systems, anti-smash and grab solutions and gearlock installations. This will help to keep your insurance premium to a minimum, saving you hundreds or perhaps thousands in saved insurance premiums throughout the year. You will also have the peace of mind knowing that your vehicle is basically theft-proof each time you leave it parked in public.

Electronic Fitment Centre’s Gearlock Installation for All Type of Cars

Available at any Electronic Fitment Centre Gauteng fitment centre you can access competitively priced gearlock installation for all types of cars. If you are not within easy reach of any of our fitment centres, we provide mobile fitment teams that can take care of the installation onsite for you. With nearly two decades’ experience to fall back on, including gold status VESA approval, we have risen to become an industry leader in our sector and the premier installer of gearlock systems in Gauteng.

Our gearlock installations for all types of cars are used by private consumers, fleet owners, insurance companies and private companies looking to secure their vehicles. Our state of the art systems are lauded in the industry for its high quality and reliability, and great value for money.

Aside from our gearlock services, we also provide a comprehensive security solution keeping your vehicle safe on South Africa’s roads. Our other products include GPS vehicle recovery and tracking systems, and the fitment of anti-smash and grab solutions for vehicle windows, among many other systems and products.

For many years we have worked hard to become one of the premier suppliers of gearlock systems in Gauteng. Our commitment to providing a world class service has helped Electronic Fitment Centre to become a household name in Gauteng. If you would like to learn more about our many value-adding services, contact Electronic Fitment Centre today to discuss all your vehicle security needs.