Central Locking

Find It Where You Parked It – Why Immobilisers Are Important

Immobilisers are electric or electronic devices fitted to motor vehicles to prevent thieves from easily stealing them. What they essentially do is prevent the vehicle to be started unless a certain action has been performed or a button has been pushed. Some of the manual systems require that you press a button to enable the starter-motor circuit; failing to do so will prevent turning the key from having any effect. Others are automatically activated when you turn the vehicle on and will cut the engine a certain number of seconds after it was started unless you press a hidden button to disable it. Others still are full-featured remote-controlled systems with many functions. Here is a look at some of the immobilisers available from Electronic Fitment Centre:
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Improving Your Vehicle’s Safety

In a country where the crime rate is high, it is smart to ensure that your vehicle is prepared against all the potential threats. There are various methods to go about this, with some of the most common additions being central locking systems, alarms, and immobilisers. Vehicle alarms are an effective tool to alert you when someone is attempting to break into your car, but although these systems and upgrades are all worthwhile, they do not physically protect you when you are out on the road.
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Car Tracking Systems

Are Car Tracking Systems Really Necessary?

If you have ever parked your car and walked into a mall or restaurant, only to return a few hours later to find it gone, you know the misery and trauma of having your car stolen. With remote jamming becoming an increasing problem in most areas and the fact that some cars are surprisingly easy to steal, the potential for your car to do a disappearing act is at an all-time high. Continue reading

Immobilizer Fitment

Immobilizer Fitment Services in Gauteng

An immobilizer is a device responsible for disabling a vehicle’s engine from starting, unless the correct ignition or other device is present. This particular device deters theft of vehicles. Newer models of vehicles often come with an immobilizer already fitted. With this type of immobilizer, the vehicle owner doesn’t need to activate the device – it simply activates automatically when the vehicle is turned off. An immobilizer fitment is possible in vehicles that don’t come with the device or system already present. In these cases, you can stand to benefit from more than just the deterrent function of the device. Many insurance companies will offer a lower monthly premium if you have such a security feature installed and working properly.   Continue reading

The Benefits of Central Locking in Cars

The Benefits of Central Locking in Cars

It is easy to see the many benefits that central locking in cars pose to vehicle owners. Regardless of which vehicle you drive, or how often you drive, central locking is not only convenient but can also help keep you safe on the road. Whether you own a minivan with sliding doors or a five door sedan, you can securely lock and unlock all your vehicle’s doors at the touch of a single button.

It will naturally depend on the type of central locking that you choose to have installed, but you can opt for the conventional installation or the selective central locking. When opting for selective central locking you will have control over each of your vehicle’s doors and the boot. You can open the driver’s side door, or the passenger’s side door or the boot selectively. This is just another level of convenience and one of the many benefits of central locking in cars.

Advantages of Central Locking

If you are still unconvinced about the many benefits that this investment will present you with, read on:

  • Won’t lock your key in the car: When you get in the habit of using your keys to lock your car, then the chances of locking your keys in the car is virtually zero. No more stomach churning realisations that you just slammed the car door with the keys still in the ignition, and no more call out fees for a locksmith either!
  • Won’t drive with open car doors: There are central locking installations that automatically lock all the vehicle’s doors as soon as the ignition is turned on. This means that should you forget to lock the doors then the central locking will automatically lock the doors for you. This is also true when you park your car and leave it unlocked for a span of time. The central locking will kick in and lock the car for you, keeping your vehicle safe.

These are only some of the many benefits of central locking in cars that you will receive when investing in this convenient and essential feature. We are one of the leading installers of central locking in Pretoria. We provide all our customers with affordable and professional products and services. Thanks to our market leading status, we have huge buying power. This allows us to make available our services and products to our customers at incredibly competitive rates and pass the savings onto our customers. Contact us if you are looking to take advantage of all the benefits associated with central locking for your vehicle.