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Have a Bluetooth Car Kit Fitted If Your Daily Driver Doesn’t Have an Integrated System

Nowadays, more vehicles are being offered as standard with an integrated Bluetooth car kit, whereby you can connect your phone to the vehicle’s radio and multimedia system so that you can take phone calls without having to touch your cellphone. In any event, handling your cellphone is illegal when behind the wheel, even when you are stopped at a red light or even next to the road with your engine running. Unless you are legally parked and your vehicle’s engine is switched off, you need a Bluetooth car kit to use your phone in your vehicle. Continue reading

Get A Bluetooth Car Kit and Stay on the Right Side of the Law

Many South Africans seem to believe that they don’t need a Bluetooth car kit and are allowed to handle their cellphones while operating their vehicles, as long as they are not actually holding it to talk on it or as long as their vehicle is stationary. The reality is different and, in fact, South Africa’s cellphone legislation in terms of using these devices in vehicles is very clear:
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A Bluetooth Car Kit Keeps You Safe on the Road

A Bluetooth car kit is a lifesaver. Besides the fact that it is illegal to operate your mobile phone while your engine is running, it is also dangerous. You need both hands to safely operate a car and that is why this law makes sense. Anyway, there is a variety of Bluetooth car kits on sale today at very reasonable prices, so there is no reason anyone should be driving around without one anymore. Electronic Fitment Centre gives you a choice of seven Parrot models, from the simplest CK3000 Evo to the flagship Asteroid Smart – and everything in between.
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A Bluetooth Car Kit for Every Budget

Everybody should have a Bluetooth car kit in their vehicle that gives them hands-free operation of their cellphone. If you don’t have one, you risk falling foul of the law and may incur a hefty fine or, worse, cause an accident due to being distracted by your phone. We offer you a choice of Parrot units – arguably the leading brand of Bluetooth car kit on the market. Everything is available, from a budget-friendly entry-level unit without a display to a top-of-the-range unit that has everything but the kitchen sink.
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Have A Bluetooth Car Kit Installed Today

It is illegal to handle your cellphone using your hands while operating your vehicle, whether you are driving or standing still at the traffic lights. Not only that, but it is also dangerous. To enable you to make and receive calls safely while on the road, you need a Bluetooth car kit. This is a device that uses short-range Bluetooth wireless technology to connect to your phone so you can interact with the device using your voice instead of touching your phone. Many vehicles today are fitted as standard with this type of technology but if you have one that isn’t – or you drive an older car – you need a Bluetooth kit.
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