Blue Tooth Car Kits

A Bluetooth Car Kit Keeps You Safe on the Road

A Bluetooth car kit is a lifesaver. Besides the fact that it is illegal to operate your mobile phone while your engine is running, it is also dangerous. You need both hands to safely operate a car and that is why this law makes sense. Anyway, there is a variety of Bluetooth car kits on sale today at very reasonable prices, so there is no reason anyone should be driving around without one anymore. Electronic Fitment Centre gives you a choice of seven Parrot models, from the simplest CK3000 Evo to the flagship Asteroid Smart – and everything in between.
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A Bluetooth Car Kit for Every Budget

Everybody should have a Bluetooth car kit in their vehicle that gives them hands-free operation of their cellphone. If you don’t have one, you risk falling foul of the law and may incur a hefty fine or, worse, cause an accident due to being distracted by your phone. We offer you a choice of Parrot units – arguably the leading brand of Bluetooth car kit on the market. Everything is available, from a budget-friendly entry-level unit without a display to a top-of-the-range unit that has everything but the kitchen sink.
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Have A Bluetooth Car Kit Installed Today

It is illegal to handle your cellphone using your hands while operating your vehicle, whether you are driving or standing still at the traffic lights. Not only that, but it is also dangerous. To enable you to make and receive calls safely while on the road, you need a Bluetooth car kit. This is a device that uses short-range Bluetooth wireless technology to connect to your phone so you can interact with the device using your voice instead of touching your phone. Many vehicles today are fitted as standard with this type of technology but if you have one that isn’t – or you drive an older car – you need a Bluetooth kit.
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Get A Bluetooth Car Kit for Your Car

Do you drive an older-model car without all the modern connectivity features such as hands-free installations that come standard with so many new cars? No problem! At Electronic Fitment Centre, you can have a Bluetooth car kit installed in your car too and it doesn’t matter how old it is because we do these installations for all cars. Don’t take a chance with your safety and stay on the right side of the law by not handling your mobile phone while operating your car. Get a Bluetooth car kit instead. Here are a few of the models we have available:
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Have A Wireless Car Charger Installed in Any Car

That’s right, a wireless car charger is not the reserve of the latest, new-fangled fully connected wonder cars anymore. You can now have a wireless phone charger installed in your older model car too. You might have noticed these special charging pads in the newest car models and realised that they have to be ordered from the factory at great cost. Having one retrofitted in an older car is certainly not an option, you thought. But now it is. As is usually the case with such a new technology, it is only a matter of time before aftermarket kits become available that can be fitted to any car.

Unobtrusive Wireless Car Charger

You won’t even notice our wireless car charger. We hide away its fuse and all its cabling. All we need is a flat plastic panel against which you can place your phone while you are driving. The pad is glued in place behind the panel and, as long as the plastic is not thicker than 3 mm, charges your phone wirelessly through it. A suitable surface can be an oddments tray, a central armrest, or similar places. The installation is supplied complete with its 750-mm wiring harness and in-line fuse. We connect the one side to the chassis and the other to a 12-V ignition point and voila, you’re ready to go! Say goodbye to unsightly cables when charging your latest-model smartphone.

Bluetooth Car Kits

It’s against the law to operate your mobile phone and your vehicle at the same time and while a wireless charger takes care of charging, you should also have a Bluetooth kit installed to take care of making calls while driving. We endorse the market-leading Parrot brand and offer a range of their Bluetooth kits. The most basic models have no display and only a few buttons. They are easy to use and boast adjustable microphones and noise-cancelling technology. But you can also go all-out with the flagship Parrot Asteroid Smart, a double-DIN, full-colour, touch-screen, all-in-one device that takes and makes calls, connects to the Internet, and loads Android apps. It is even a full-feature GPS.


Other accessories are also available, of which anti-smash-and-grab window tinting, gear locks, spare-wheel locks, bakkie bin liners and covers, and tracking and recovery systems are only a few. You can bring your car right up to date with all our convenience, comfort, safety, and security accessories. Whether it is a wireless phone charger or an air-conditioner, we can fit it. Call us today.