Benefits of Window Tinting

Protect Your Family from Harmful UV Rays with Window Tinting

Did you know that up to 98% of harmful UV rays are negated with even the lightest level of window tinting? If this statistic blows your mind, then keep on reading. Window tinting effectively reduces the penetration of UV rays from sunlight, protecting both the driver and passengers from the damaging effects of the sun. While this is a great benefit, it is by far not the only one.

Having your car’s windows tinted will also help to protect your vehicle’s interior from cracking and prevent the upholstery from fading. With the crippling price of petrol these days, more and more motorists are looking for ways to get more kilometres on a litre of petrol. By investing in window tinting, you reduce the “oven effect” inside your car, which helps to naturally reduce the need for air conditioning. Even if you still decide to use air conditioning, the A/C will not have to work as hard, thus saving you money on petrol consumption.

Stay Safe on the Road with Window Tinting

By far one of the most popular benefits of window tinting is the increase in privacy and security while on the road. Criminals scout out vulnerable vehicles for smash-and-grab crimes. By having your windows tinted, it will not be as easy for criminals to scout out your vehicle for any object of value, such as smartphones, computers and tablets, simply by walking past the car.

What’s more, the protective film on the window helps to condense glass when it is shattered. This prevents your car’s window from exploding when hit with a mighty force, giving you valuable reaction time to get away from a potential threat. If you do not have window tinting, the window is liable to shatter all over the interior of the car, frightening and traumatising the occupants, and giving the criminals an upper hand with the benefit of surprise.

At Electronic Fitment Centre, we provide SunTek window film and tinting technology that carries a 7-year warranty. We are so confident of the quality of our products and services that we provide above industry standard warranties on quality and workmanship. All of SunTek’s window films are exclusively manufactured in the United States at world-class facilities. We have 8 mobile teams of seasoned installers and technicians who will drive to where you are in Gauteng, to take care of tinting your car’s windows. Contact us to learn more about our extensive window tinting solutions.