A Bluetooth Car Kit Keeps You Safe on the Road

A Bluetooth car kit is a lifesaver. Besides the fact that it is illegal to operate your mobile phone while your engine is running, it is also dangerous. You need both hands to safely operate a car and that is why this law makes sense. Anyway, there is a variety of Bluetooth car kits on sale today at very reasonable prices, so there is no reason anyone should be driving around without one anymore. Electronic Fitment Centre gives you a choice of seven Parrot models, from the simplest CK3000 Evo to the flagship Asteroid Smart – and everything in between.

Parrot CK Series

The CK3000 Evo and CK3100 LCD Bluetooth car kit series of models are our affordable, entry-level products. Both have similar features, like a 3-button interface, an adjustable external microphone, noise reduction, full-duplex, echo cancellation, and built-in voice recognition. However, the CK3100 LCD has additional features, most notably its LCD screen that displays menus, contact, user settings and more, as well as the ability to store 1000 names per paired phone (150 for the CK3000 Evo), and automatic phonebook synchronisation.

Parrot MKi Series

This popular mid-range series of Bluetooth car kit range is covered by the MKi9000, MKi9100, and MKi9200. The MKi9000 is the only MKi model without a display, but it has a user-friendly 6-button interface and besides the features of the CK3100 LCD, it is also a wireless music remote control with a Virtual Super Bass audio effect adjustment. In addition, it has twin adjustable external microphones, automatic multi-user voice recognition, and text-to-speech voice synthesis of address-book names. It boasts iPod/iPhone, USB, and line-in connections and can store up to 2000 contacts per phone (8000 maximum). The MKi9100 has all these features but adds a small OLED display. The MKi9200 has, instead, a 2,4-inch colour display. It also has an SD/SD-HC card connection and a Sound Spatialiser sound-effect setting. Last but not least, the Parrot UNIKA is an optional installed interface that can make any MKi Series device work with your car’s factory steering-wheel controls.

Parrot Asteroid Smart

Our flagship Bluetooth car kit is the Parrot Asteroid Smart, an all-in-one multifunctional device with a big, 6,2-inch multi-touch colour screen. It runs the Android operating system and is therefore app-enabled. Additionally, it boasts a MOSFET 4×55-W amplifier with six RCA outputs with a subwoofer – as well as a full SiRFstarIV™ GPS receiver with turn-by-turn navigation.

Let Electronic Fitment Centre professionally install the Parrot Bluetooth car kit of your choice today.